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Joshua Cherry
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Its funny, every 1-3 years I end up living in a different big city (I grew up in Amish country outside of Philly, so I think I wanted to explore). This was usually enough time to consider myself an insider, but far from an expert. Most of the time when I talk about what I loved about the cities they involve stories about must see sites or great events I experienced when I was there. Chicago is completely the opposite. I use restaurants as the thread that weaves everything else together. Whether it is trying to make it to Alinea, going to an amazing breakfast spot, or getting some of the best ribs I have found to date. There is something about Chicago, that seems to allow you to live in a way few cities are able to deliver. It offers so much and I always assume will be where I end up settling down to. Thanks for sharing and bringing up great memories.
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Aug 2, 2010