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You need to read Friedkin's autobiography for much more info Mary.
What you write is exactly how I felt about the whole thing...there were so many numbers being thrown around it gets confusing...but I am super proud of how well her album did and how much she and the crowds enjoyed her concert tour "down under". The Kennedy Centers came as a shock but a pleasant one at that....I am super excited about that above all that is going on with CHER this year. I wanted to show you a video edit I did for YOUTUBE, I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it so when I saw the video on youtube in a much longer clip from the CHER show I had it edited and posted it on YouTube. Bob Mackie is selling the gown she is wearing in the even traveled on the QE2 with Bob over to the UK for a promotional tour for the auction...ok in my mind they will play my YouTube clip of her doing this number on the Kennedy Center Honors...well one can dream!
your feathers will regrow and like the proverbial phoenix, you will soar again!
here is my list and I put them in the order I want them performed….in my dream concert.
OK that fireplace totally rocks! Your tree is very nice and I'm surprised it doesn't collapse under the CHER weight of all the dolls. High five Mr CHER Scholar for the Chiefs win today...
I remember seeing some recipe by CHER for "Groovy Steak"…don't remember how it was fixed but the name just stuck in my head cause it made me laugh.
Reading the Strong Enough book right now. A good read for sure, plus you are mentioned in the credits!
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2013 on CHER BOOKS! at I Found Some Cher Scholar
the line about forgetting to make a new album....I think it was more about the enormous upheaval in the music business that has occurred since her last release. Probably one of her smartest moves as she has increased demand for new product from her. Without suffering some of the embarrassment of poor sales or being ripped off by having her whole album leaked and downloaded illegally.
two words for reading microscopic liner notes: magnifying glass
CHER will be interviewed and profiled on CBS Sunday Morning this next Sunday
Great post.... i gave up cable 3 years ago and don't miss it in the least... Did you notice the top that Christina was wearing over her pink bra? I'm sure it was a gift from CHER and made my Kansas Cities own Michael Schmidt.
PBS showed a gr8 documentary on Roz Russell this week, I know CHER really admired her so I watched it and I can see why. A very normal but driven woman who gave selflessly to others and worked to find a cure of arthritis as well as living thru breast cancer and a double mastectomy. She was a brave woman who loved life Mame said, "Life is a Banquet and most poor suckers are staving to death"
Phil helped to finance this film himself, and how did Lana know where the gun was in the entryway? What was his reason for wearing that afro wig to court? Did he have a secret recording device hidden inside it with a camera? ....hummmmmm
the records were 78rpm not 48 rpm, they were very heavy and shattered if you dropped them on the floor. My mother has a whole collection that she kept in a book or album like they would use for photos. She also had a really cool 78 record player that was embossed with crocodile skin and u played the records by sliding them in a slot in the front and pushing a button.
this is a gr8 book and has so much history in it...the house on carolwood is now on a private gated street and both houses on either side have been bought, razed and folded into the carolwood estate which is now owned by the widow of on of the big scamming mortgage companies
OK so what is the big coffee table book on CHER you mentioned?
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2011 on Being Chaz at I Found Some Cher Scholar
Mary it is really adorable I wanted to suggest one of the Jonas Brothers Dolls for the Rob Camiletti figure. Also a nice touch for Gregg Allman would be a new liver in a box since he got a liver transplant this year! Mary Christmas to you!
CHER Tapping? WTF please explain i'm Corn-fused by that and can't find anything in the link that explains it.
mary, thanks for the shout out CHER has taped her appearance on "LIVE with Regis and Kelly" this week in NYC and t will run on the 19th. Oh about that "puppy mill" bill...yes they passed it but are already trying to kill or change this bill for the worse and not enforce what people voted for CHERsTyler