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Answer G should follow with an explanation about how imperfect the present system of land tenure is. None of these proposed solutions are satisfactory so any one of them has practical aspects which do have some appeal and sense of justice. The replacement of privately owned land by leasing from the government with compensation paid to the land owner is difficult to adjust to, but it should be the bottom line.
It is not simply of fairness but what comprises social justice. When this sense of justice is lost then the ethics of the situation become forgotten. The question should ask what is just from a morals viewpoint. Of course the correct answer isD but in order to properly explain it is necessary to claim that competition between the Fed and the private land owners would otherwise be limited which is where the moral injustice begins.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2012 on The Land Questions: #38: Mining at LVTFan's Blog
As soon as actual countries get introduced to what otherwise is a theoretical question, the issues become blurred and somewhat personal. In theory what is suggested is the single-state solution but in practice the two countries involved are no where near to agreeing to the two-state one which is easier to agree upon. I see the one-stste solution as a hundred years away whilst the two-state one is much closer. And if all that is being discussed in this particular case is what might be satisfactory in theory then the questioneer should not choose the muddle (Middle) East!
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Mar 13, 2012