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Yeah, I'm rejected, but Americans seem to be a bit nicer to me than uber-macho, Mexicanos who think they're the baddest vatos on the block (at 5 foot 2 inches), who's familia have been here for three generations, and of all things claim to be 'puro Mexicano' and call everyone else sell-outs, but end up only dating white girls with no asses. ...and of all things booing the anthem of the only country they have ever lived in!!!!! Chicano is also a term for a socially conscious Mexican-American who embraces both aspects of their culture and not just one. So, I get the best of both worlds (menudo rojo and USA soccer). :)
Just remember to chant 'pollo' back at their asses......I will be seriously pissed if they boo the national anthem. Seems like everyone is jumping on the Mexico bandwagon today and the funny thing is that the majority of Mexico fans are from the states. Yes, I understand cultural pride, but damn, don't boo the anthem of the country that your parents, grandparents, etc. came to to give you a better life. The opportunities to drink crappy Bud Light, become a pocho, and oogle at white girls.....(brown man's kryptonite).
"whaa whaa, we are going to lose to Jamaica 4-1. Whaa whaa" Hope this shuts you up you big babies, horrible fans you are with having little faith in our team. Dos- cero.
While I will agree, I am not really celebrating this win since the finishing was piss poor, Landon is finally showing his age, and Dempsey just...uggh tonight think about this for a moment. Remember all those cool kids in high school who were on top of the world back in the day? They sure started off promising and never knew what the taste of failure was like early on in life. Where are most of those kids now? Blew their load early on in life and never learned how to fix the problems that were never exposed early on and are now dealing with the consequences now. Right? Better to fail early and learn to fix what is wrong when you can still turn the ship around. Call this psychobabble BS, or ignore it, but we did fix our defense tonight. Midfield was defensive (Jones and Bradley). Bench showed some spark (and I have not been a fan of Klejstan for the longest time). We just need to learn how to finish. Sure, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, and even Honduras are steamrolling and looking cool and collected, but what's going to happen when they discover they have a problem. A little too late to try to fix it this far in. (p.s Mexico is not invincible on defense, but they really haven't been tested.) Call me an optimist, but this is the positive I see. (However, I do agree that a new coach is needed, come loss or even hoisting the Gold Cup.) Peace.
Even if many of us disagree, we can all at least agree on that Mexico vs. Costa Rica will be fantastic to watch in a few days..
It's a Latino cultural think to bang on each other. Mexicans do it to Guaetemelans. The Spanish bag on Mexicans, Mexicans bag on Chicanos (Mexican-Americans) for being pochos, etc. I've called El Salvadorians Enanos since my brother had a teacher who bagged on everything in Mexican culture, saying it was second rate compared to, 'Espana.' P.S. I am 5'6 enano as well... :)
Totally agree. While Mexico did look dangerous on the finishing third, 'Memo has, I like to call them 'Gomes moments' alot more than people will care to admit, and the Mexican backline can be broken.
Omar Gonzalez (6 foot 5 inches) might say otherwise.....Troll.
I'm glad Mexico is getting hyped up right now. Let them. They beat a CONCACAF minnow who had enanos (midgets) defending and a piss poor finishing third that even my first year club of fat kids playing Hyper-Catenaccio defense could finish better.... El Landito/Mexicutioner sits in a dimly light room staring at a Mexican flag waiting for June 25th....
Here is the thing, nearly beat/almost/luck and all the little things you say, mean nothing in the end. We BEAT Spain. Period. That's all the matters at the end of the day. "david villa could have/should have/would have/" etc., means nothing because he didn't do it.
Oh yes GIO!!! I forget, he TRIED playing at Tottenham for the last few years. Didn't he play one game at the beginning of the year and then go to some mid-level Spanish team because he couldn't handle the physical nature of the EPL. Also, Vela was pretty much a bench warmer for West Bromich Albion at the end of the EPL year, so stop pumping him up like he lit up the league.
Donovan? Yes, he played at Everton last year. I mean we don't have anyone playing in the EPL. Tim Howard, Stuart Holden, Jermaine Jones, Clint Dempsey, Marcus Hanehman, Jonathan Spector, etc, I mean these guys play in some backwater league in Guatemala..
By leaps and bounds, all you mean is Chicharito. The defense has not improved (and I like Salcido), Rafa is getting old, and the goalkeeper situation is, esshh. Hey, at least we never lost to El Salvador during WC qualification. If I remember correctly, Mexico lost to El Salvador during qualification as I remember it was the night of Jozy's hat-trick. We BEAT Slovenia as far as I am concerned and I'm pretty sure the majority of people would agree that Edu's goal was good and the score should have been 3-2. Oh, always the, "spain didn't take it seriously," excuse. I call BS on that one. Spain was hustling all night trying to score and they lost dos-cero, due to Howard, Demerit, and co playing tough and disciplined. "In my experience, there is no such thing as luck" -Obi-Wan Kenobi-
WORD!!! Also, this 'Incompetent coach' lead a team to beat #1 Spain in a major tournament, tie Argentina twice (Messi still hasn't scored against the USA), finish ahead of England in WC group, smeared Egypt, took Brazil to the hilt for a half, etc. ..and Mexico has done what besides beat up on our b/c team two years ago? (also the Azteca deafeat as well).
Yes, because Mexico has a top of the line defense and world classgoalkeeper....Please, they're are not playing the B/C, jr. high team this time around. Superior young talent? Pssh, Gio? Vela? Guardado? Please, flopping around like shot ducks and getting physically mauled will be their downfall. Chicharito is to be feared, but will not have any of the service he has at Man U. El Landito/Mexicutioner currently sits in a dimly lit room staring at a Mexican flag plotting his revenge...
So he didn't pull that Slovenian defender him from out of the front of the box so that Bradley Jr. could score that equalizer?....That's what I thought.
puta madre!!!! No, Gomez with a brace against Chiapas!!
In other positive US striker news, Herculez Gomez scored for Pachuca a few minutes ago!
Orale!!!!! Time to beat the pinche peninsulares again! Beat the Euro Champs in 09', now time to beat the World Cup Champs in 11.' USA the only reason why they didn't have the National Team Treble (if there is such a thing).
I think this reeks of Garber and Sulati pushing their weight around. We all heard reports that the only reason Jurgen didnt take the job in 06' was because of MLS bs. Would it be far fetched to say that MLS helped to put Findley and Buddle on the plane? Think about it, both these guys play for the most popular team and the MLS Champions, aka MLS "superstars." and for them to be on the team would make the MLS look better, as the only other three going would be Ching, Donovan, and Bornstein. If Ching went(he looked good yesterday), he is not a flashy player, but a proven workhouse,'s Bornstein, and Donovan, well he is the one exception who would look great to the rest of the world, but alot of people are now seeing him as an Everton player because of his stint. SO, what do Gaber and Sulati do? Let's get Findley and Buddle on the plane at the expense of workhouse Ching and Bedoya, because he plays in another league and we can use the excuse of Findley brings speed and Buddle can do what Ching can do......Its me whacked out, but think about it......
Toggle Commented May 26, 2010 on USA World Cup Team Announced at Soccer By Ives
ORALE WAR!!!!!!!!!!! Gomez could be that Mexican-America superstar that starts talking young Mexican-Americans fans away from El Tri.. The vato is legit as he has an up from the boot straps story and is humble..and HOPEFULLY does well!!!!!!!
oh ye have little faith!!! If history shows, we do well every other world cup, when it's not on European soil, AND when the World Cup song is good (K'Naan Wavin Flag)....and when we have the man called Clint Dempsey, the human wall known as Tim Howard, etc. etc. etc. :)
NEVER MIND!! Just read Ives pre-game!
I'm wondering why Feilhaber isn't on this list? Is he an instant lock to go to South Africa? I know he does well, but if club form is any indication, he should be battling for a spot tonight as well...