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Most of the Texas landscape lacks variety (even for those who find it generally pretty), the cities by and large have little to offer to people who enjoy walkable urbanity like SF or NYC, and it's hard to deny the stats which generally put Texas in a poor standing for its distribution of wealth. It also has re-elected Rick Perry. But it continues to boast one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, with some pockets of visible job growth, housing remains affordable and no sign of a real bubble, and the state isn't remotely close to insolvency. At this point, I imagine that far more people are moving from California to Texas than the other way around. I suspect the California/Texas rivalry will only grow in the upcoming decades, especially if Texas continues to narrow the gap in population between the two. Such rivalry will undoubtedly have vitriolic political undertones.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2010 on Blue vs. Red at the World Series at Marcus' World
Nice post, the swirl of thoughts. And yes, "Kiss" should be played at every wedding reception. Sorry about those prices!