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Dear Ruth, Firstly, at the risk of coming across a “groupie”; I love love love everything you’ve ever written. I have read “Tender at the Bone” and “Comfort me with Apples” so many times I feel like I know you! Because of you I learnt about “Chez Panisse” and Alice Waters (we named a chicken after her) and when we finally went to the US (Berkeley) a few years ago it was purely to experience what you described with such passion. I have the framed menu from that wonderful meal in our dining room. A year or two ago, I was terribly disappointed (but understood) when you were unable make it to Sydney to speak and again tonight; when I learnt you and Coleman Andrews will be together introducing “My Usual Table” – in New York – I don’t think I can get leave from work... Anyway, as I mentioned, we have chickens so I can tell you that when they first start laying, their eggs are naturally small (ours started around 40-45g) and get bigger and bigger so that you end up with the opposite problem (88g was the largest). As a result, we have had to be clever about weighing and using our eggs. As Rick suggested, a good idea is to lightly mix and then divide as you need. Given that small eggs must exist; I suggest you ask for them at your local farmers’ markets (or better still keep a couple of hens); I’d suggest this is about demand. I have talked in more detail about this(our girls and their eggs) on my very new, rather amateur blog if you’re interested. By the way, I keep a bottle of vin santo in the fridge for making cantuccini and will try the recipe (is the 5th the final??) soon... I am (slightly) obsessive about food and personally wouldn’t mind you telling us to find every one of the “difficult” ingredients – so long as you tell us the cake is wonderful. Best regards, Vanessa (The Hungry Chook)
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Mar 18, 2014