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Jld, the Saker may be a bit sentimental, but nutty? Plausible deniability? He did not promote those videos but used them as an example of the public mood within Russia. Your innuendo is quite transparent.
Bellingcat? Isn't that the current State Department's idea of "open source intelligence"? Lol
Piotr, Thanks for bringing up that up. The media headlines this as pointing the blame on the rebels, but as often is the case, the opposite is true. Let me explain: According this admission by the Germans, the BUK was from Ukranian stock. The Ukranian BUKs are old versions. There is some information that the rebels did indeed capture a single launch vehicle as a trophy. Without the command post and targeting radar vehicle IFF is not possible. Since commercial traffic over Donetsk and Lugansk was common at the time, the rebels would of been incredibly reckless to fire blindly at large high flying aircraft. Also the rebels have been doing just fine using MANPADS to neuter the UAF and we are to believe that the first time they used this trophy, they must of been drunk! Moreover, a single BUK launch vehicle can only shoot in pursuit mode. If successful it would hit a Boeing 777 from an direction somewhere behind the engines. This is not consistent with the evidence of heavy damage in the cockpit area of MH17 evidently from a frontal direction. There's nothing substantial to pin it on the rebels, only accusations and other flimsy "evidence". More and more evidence is mounting on agaisnt the Ukranians. The whole BUK thing may just be misdirection. Nobody saw a trail or plume for BUK that day. Plenty of locals saw MH17 in the sky, before and after it crashed. Many saw a military plane shadowing, as reported by the BBC(which they quickly yanked from their site).
Hobbesian chaos is exactly what we have, not what I want. The USA messed up any illusion respect to to these war rules during the Bush era, when they publicly stated they do not apply to them. BTW no army has ever respected the Geneva conventions in any war. Please mention one who has. War is ugly, there is not way around this, and the Geneva Conventions, while a nobel idea have never worked to curb war atrocities and never will. These rules apply only to the victors, as history has shown. And there is no such thing as a humane way to conduct war.
"Is this any way to conduct an insurrection?" The question is a bit silly since insurrections are not conducted by official armies and therefore could care less about the Geneva Conventions. The proper question would be "Is this any way to conduct a war?". In terms of international PR, its a bad idea as this post demonstrates. In terms of internal propaganda, and to humiliate the Ukrainians, its pretty effective. And since the Ukrainians have violated the Geneva Convention ad nauseum, including torturing journalists and posting the videos on youtube, white phosphorus shelling of cities, asking the rebels to adhere to "proper war rules" is a bit of a stretch. IMO, bringing up American violations of the Geneva Conventions is not besides the point, since they back the Ukranians 100%, and its not something that Cheney initiated, he only legalized it under American law. In other words, these principles either apply to all or not at all. Also quoting the NYT these days retracts credibility instead of adding to it, unless you are a liberal I guess, of which there are not many who view this site. Were the prisoners really pelted with beer cans and wearing filthy smelly rags? Since there are not photos of it on the NYT article, then probably not. The photos available elsewhere show the uniforms in decent shape. The videos available do show people yelling at them, but nothing thrown, eggs, cans or anything else.
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Aug 25, 2014