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Rev. Fr. Agaps! AKA LARRY KING...U are one of the finest priests I know. Oldboy.
JD Akere Muna...what you have written, is one of the best editorial I have read on this news forum as of yet. I applaud you for your good works and pray you continue to excel in all you do.
This figure of 3.4 billion...makes me wonder! Because, a million francs CFA(brand new bank notes) weighs about 2.5 lbs "pounds", rubber-banded...and not in any of the typical khaki "payee" banks', if we do the math, 100 million will weigh about 250lbs and 3400 million will weigh...(3400 X 2.5 lbs)= 8,500 lbs. What kind of suite (brief) case carries 8,500lbs? This is approximately the weight of 2 diesel powered Land cruisers & then some. Why will Biya fly to NYC and with that amount of CFA...which with no Riggs bank in existence...Thomas Cook does not even exchange it? Don't believe me...try changing CFA and let me know if you can. I guess you can figure where I am going with this...or can't you? So I have some question to you Mr. Kenneth? 1. Does this alleged figure hold any veracity? Remember...even if the funds were in euro, which has one of the highest single note value (€500) ~ approx 325K FCFFA...the weight factor is still disturbing to imagine...Let's even further divide the 8500lbs say by derivative math ~ 8500/3.33(euro roughly factored to CFA) ~ 2,552.55 lbs... Still too much to carry around. 2. In this U.S.A, just to shed some light on some law; there is a statue: whenever you are to pay over $9,999.99 in cash for any one itemized transaction...Uncle Sam (IRS) like our own ministry of finance/taxation...must be notified. 3. With all the experience bestowed, Head of states will not want to travel with this kind of current cash... 4. My guess is that this has been blown out of proportion, and there is yet to be a single verifiable source; all what I've read thus far are all allegations. When you is important to note/spell this out for the readers. 5. I rest, to think this is another hear-say, make stories in the Diaspora. Let Cameroon be unity and live in peace, unity and prosperity. Fua.
Well said Kini... Unity is a an integral part to progress; envision all oppositions parties in Cameroon under one “Travelers” say CUOP (Cameroons “United” Opposition Parties) with a cohesive plan and an egalitarian elected honcho among the 208 or so opposition parties there exists...that's only when they will post as peril to the ruling RDPC...too many chiefs can't rule one kingdom...we have too many of those...worst still, it is alleged that some of them have personal raison d’être and vendetta only imaginable...Else the weaknesses and falls are inevitable and only a matter of time. In politics…it is always the intend of a political party to stay in power until infinity…If my memory serves me right, I think history has it that, ever since FDR, only Bill Clinton, on the Democratic (U.S.) party ticket has won back-to-back and been elected to “La Maison Blanche” to wit, the Republicans use their years of experience, contrive and political wit to maintain and influence U.S. policies. We can argue for and against this assertion as such…but truth be told: A party’s ambition is to stay in power (the political i.e) until infinity (In the case of CPDM, it chooses to retain H.E. Paul Biya, as its head honcho)…may be…until she feels he can’t lead the party or other such reason, then she may want to request an election and seek other proficient leaders, or heck! Biya could decide and pass the baton to an aboriginal Anglophone, Bami, et al. just like Ahidjo did to him. Politics, just in case you didn’t know, in political science 101: “1 a: the art or science of government b: the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy c: the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government”. Hitherto, CPDM has emerged the Master, with PHD in this theory… The party reinvents and proceed with cautions, knowing well, the sun doesn’t shine forever, but as long as it is here: Their militants with exclusively shine together. Stay blessed, and Let Cameroon be United.
WHY BIYA MAY RETAIN INONI AFTER ALL 18 Sep 2008, 7:55 PM With prospects of an umpteenth cabinet reshuffle now all the more plausible and imminent, there are strengthening indications that, President Biya may have decided to maintain Chief Ephriam Inoni as Prime Minister. The decision to retain Inoni, according to sources, may have been taken even before the President's latest trip out of the country from where he returned barely more than a week ago. Despite a sustained media campaign, plus a strong lobby mounted against the current PM especially with the "Albatross Affair", it seems the pluses for Inoni far outweighs the minuses. But that is not all, for according to our sources the 2011 equation remains a delicate calculation for the president. Even though the scandal surrounding the acquisition of the presidential aircraft dubbed "Albatross" may have slightly strained the bond of affection between Biya and Inoni, the president, all the same, seemed to have gotten over his initial migraines over the PM's alleged involvement in the scandal especially as media reports tended to link him to the Aircraft Potfolio Management, APM, corporation. According to our sources four main considerations helped tilt the choice in favour of the Bakingili Chief. Personal relationship, Loyalty, Achievement and 2011 Strategy put Inoni in far better stead than many other possible contestants.As Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency between 1992 and December 8, 2004 when he became Prime Minister, Inoni warmed himself into that closed hub of "Biya Boys", who the president had successfully groomed to manage the affairs of the country. It was even alleged at one point that Inoni was in charge of the president's personal financial transactions. Marafa Amidou Yaya, Rene Sadi, Atangana Mebara, Jacques Fame Ndongo and a few others also belong to this select category. Only Atangana Mebara has now been publicly disowned following his arrest and detention.This group is not to be confused with long time school mates, close confidants and pals like Adolphe Moudiki, Laurent Esso, Ferdinand Leopold Oyono etc. This recognition by the president was not for nothing. In 1992 during the presidential elections, Inoni risked his life to secure a few votes through alleged unorthodox means for Mr. Biya in Limbe, an unabashed opposition stronghold in the early 90s.Very few among the CPDM bandwagon today vouched for the party then. This loyalty to Mr. Biya, the party and the institutions throughout these years have remained apparently unquestionable.Fourteen years as Assistant Secretary General at the presidency plus almost four years as Prime Minister equals 18 uninterrupted years as a top functionary of the republic. Few in the current government can boost of this record. If you add the years when he served as Vice Minister of Finance ( Secretary of State), the record becomes even more enviable and one that should make the president not easily heed the siren noises. While Inoni may have had a lot of headaches and hiccups as Prime Minister, some major achievements within the last four years have tended to rekindle a flicker of hope. The attainment of the Completion Point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Country Initiative, HIPC, and now the Bakassi hand-over are all issues which looked intractable some few years back. The government is now more objective-driven especially on issues like privatization and public expenditure. However, these positives have not occulted rising unemployment, high cost of living, gangrenous corruption and administrative blockages inherent in an over-centralised system. Even with the best of intentions, it is difficult to get certain things done in the current system. Even the president has on more than one occasion looked helpless in the face of rampaging inertia that keeps very important files in the cooler for months, if not years. The big game for Mr. Biya now is his 2011 gamble. Recent elections in Kenya and especially Zimbabwe show that even with the army and security services behind incumbents, winning an election is not a done deal for those who have been in power for exceedingly long periods like Mugabe, Biya etc and especially if the elections have to be organised by a somewhat independent elections management body like what ELECAM claims it would be. Cameroon is not Zimbabwe or Kenya but there is the fear within the Biya camp that his candidature in 2011 might mobilise the opposition base which looks decapitated but still potentially a force to reckon with. Even if Mr. Biya's main challenger , SDF Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi is put out of the race by being convicted over the murder charge he now faces in the court, there is no guarantee of a smooth sail for Mr. Biya. That is why Mr. Biya's strategists think they need tested politicians on the field come 2011. Also replacing Inoni now according to our sources might occasion a dismantling a machine that has taken years to put in place and also send very wrong signals to close collaborators. Nobody for now knows how far those former ministers and general managers now behind bars can go to torpedo Mr. Biya's ambition.To take the Prime Minister position away from an Anglophone and hand it over to a Francophone would be a terrible political miscalculation which Mr. Biya cannot afford to make at a time when the SCNC gospel seems to be converting even conservative Anglophones. With Cavaye Djibril still on the throne at the level of the National Assembly, the correct guess is that the next PM in the case of a cabinet reshuffle should be an Anglophone.That leaves the race tied down between the Northwest and Southwest Provinces. In the Northwest, after the demise of Christopher Nsahlai ( late) and Zaccheus Forjindam detained in New Bell, and who were eyeing the PM job, the names of two Oku sons, Philemon Yang, Assistant Secretary General at the Presidency and Fai Yengo Francis, Littoral Province Governor, have been making the rounds. I It is however an uphill climb for the North West. Even with nine parliamentary seats out of 20 up from one following the 2007 legislative elections, it is not evident that Mr. Biya would win in the Northwest especially if the elections are free and fair even if he gives the province the position. Many think if the president has to make a fresh start with the Northwest that would be after 2011 elections.Some names have been making the rounds in the Southwest, from where Inoni hails. The press has of late made hints about Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Henry Njalla Quan, General Manager of the C.D.C and even Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency, Nkongho Mengot Arrey. But it seems the President for now wants to play safe. By Norbert Wasso Binde you can see, pundits interpret Biya's move differently. Most who had bashed and spew words that the post is pro Inoni...shouldn't they have geared an article like this rather that what is read? Charles Ndi Che is a learned person, who I believe practices true journalism. The post is not perfect...amid corrections to hastily reports they have humble controlled...howevere, the media, especially if not state owned, should be pro-people...that is to say, report events as they are and not as perceived. As the facts, and if not...use the "alleged" reading to let the view/reader know your sources are speculations as such. United we stand, and let divided we shall fall. As JFK said "Ask not what your country has done for you, but what you have done for your country." Keep the mind thinking.
If this GM was from Anglophone origin...I bet you, an inundation of annotations would have crammed the post lines with chants and praises of locking up another one of ours (Anglophone i.e.). The judiciary and police(Senai) or whatever they call the investigative unit, through this operation "Sparrow-Hawk" have become increasingly important, in carrying out their duties, even though not at the levels of western counterparts, but progressively getting better with grilling, probing and interrogative tactics. As the adage goes: Innocent until proven guilty; and as such, let the investigations proceed, and those found guilty “criminals” serve their due time. Allez Le Lion (Biya)…Un Seul Mot: Continuez! Vive La Republique!
Mr. Azore Opio, You sound and write good english, and express to the reader (me, i.e.) a good panorama of what you are saying. Kudos to you...but I must say, there are lots of issues with the way the Post reports its news...there are certain snippets you just mentioned aboved, which ought to be said more like " it is alleged that...or something of that sorts...I heard the story about the package to the journalist...but I swear to you, I have heard about 7 different versions from about 11 peeps you included. We learn everyday, so I just thought I express my thoughts and may be you could reflect on it. I am not trying to jugde you or the post in any shape or form, even the best of the best still carry flaws. Keep on the good work I truly enjoy your writings and literature. What is your multivation? Money does not seem to be it? Godspeed.
This is well said Doc! It is very educational, and interesting to get a good read from the other side. However, I think a nationalist debate should be promoted with Mugabe/Brown/Bush! What do you think? It is definitely true that any missive to mettle peace should be hailed 24/7. Your petite JN
Grande Nana, you know you have put up a fight against what you saw and believe, and have done your work with due diligence. I applaud you for your courage. I however, plead that, you meet with Yves, if possible, Pa Fotso himself, in a neutral ground, and sort this difference outta court! You 2 are prominent Cameroonians that ought to work together, rather than spend millions (in law fees & personal expenses) fighting! Yves has been groom as one of the finest corp. execs payee has seen thus far. You know, it is your petite talking; and I know you got your connections et la...however, please, consider the future of payee...and handle this matter man-2-man. Peace is what we need today and not egos! Solutions not problems. I know you will read this; and I know it might not make you change your mind...but at least, I wanted to let you know I have been following these issues from adam...and I know it has taken some funny turns...but someone has to play a big brother role. It will not cost you anything to throw down your towel; Fotso is money, we know, we know how influential it was in the Douala verdict...we know how your appeal was twisted, but that's the world we live in...Imagine you and Yves chairing a finance oriented meeting in D'la/Y'de with potential investors to help benefit the less privilege in Cameroon. Please, look at the bigger picture. I am sure Yves might be thinking the same...but you know when you have starch of cash hovering around begin to think like you rule 24/7...when we know that ain't the case. I rest my case. Concerned Cameroonian! Fua, JN!
This is a chronic problem with Chieftaincy and royal lineage in Cameroon. As much as I think a person's Will must be respected; I have seen time and time again that sometimes our wishes could make sense while we are still alive...but when we die...; things could, and mostly change so much that wills and codicils have to be ameliorated. Njalla Quan could arguably be a fine ruler and will be good for the throne; esp. given the current status/statue of things in La Republic, and how 1st Class and even 2nd Class Chiefs interact with the Government; Inoni, the same, albeit he is already paramount of Bakingili...however, I think if Quan, Inoni, Limunga, and all the royal dynasties of Limbe could sit down, just them, in a meeting, and if need be, call the likes of Chief Mukete(kumba) Mukete(muyuka), Endeley(Buea), Elangwe(bakundu)Motase(kupe maneguba)et el...they can come out of this meeting with ONE MOTION, and take into consideration all legitimate rules and make sure Quan/Jesco (who I think are the 2 to bring as one; one by tradition should succeed, and the other by the power of the will). Some might argue that Quan will be better, looking at the status quo, but then again, some might say, ab initio Manga Williams! to wit, Victoria/Limbe's dynasty can't be changed to Quan. As a natural ruler, I know for sure, chieftaincy is never given without contest. I lost my father in 1993, and was given the title by power of the will and recognition of the elders, yet, I have other family members who contest and contest...and yet, I stand to fight to the very end, coz I know what I believe is known as the truth of what is to be. As it is commonly said in french: "Le Chef mort, mais, vive le Chef!" Excuse my gramma with this, as my french is not the best. Fua!
Rexon, You are throwing too many punches on anyone who do not seem to agree with you...this should not be the I earlier can't be crying foul about something...then turn around and practise exactly what you are preaching against? or can you? The Marble house...oh come on...I have friends who have refinanced their houses and built mansions in cameroon, "mini-cites" etc...let's look another way I could make clean money if I was a PM...lets say...AES came to Cameroon...what year was it...2002/2003? the time...I was SG at the Presidency...and AES...because of my vast experience and financial, government, administrative et al background...get the point, they appointed me as their board comes 2004 or 2005...the president, of La Republic...appoints me as PM...due to conflict of interest...I can not con-currently serve as Chairman, even only as an executive, on the board of AES...however, I couldn't predict the future...and so what happens? in case you don't corporate policy for any registered American are compensated and paid you would have potential stayed on the board...say 10 years? now...if I was the one...I would consult with some of the best legal minds as the Gr8t, Late: Enonchong, the present Maitre Etah & Co/Nah firm and get at least 2 million dollars. You might find this crazy or quickly scream that's not true...but I swear to you...this happens on a regular basis, even in the U.S.A. which we are very good and quick to compare our democracy practises, I have 2 you know how much more I can make with that? Think about this and let me know... Further more...there are lots of perks and what we call kick backs that senior officials get when inter-continental deals are being made and this stealing? Europeans, Africans, Americans, etc. make and receive all this kind of kickbacks, absolutely not!...if you leave in the diaspora...and drive from DC to MD using North Capital...this is a road construction project that has taken more than 8 years to get done...due to lots of bottle necks, contractors issues and just to name a few...lots more millions of $$$$s has been expensed that would have been otherwised channeled to better appropriate use. If this was La Republic? You would hear all shots fired like never b/4. So what does all this mean you may ask or wonder? Well...bottom line...just in case you are unaware and not know...we work, we try to earn a buck or 2, save for families and kids, our well being and all...if I'm placed in a position of power...I will not misuse funds or any detrimental steps to tarnish my legacy, but I'll also not blindfold to potential steps to make clean and legit money. Fru Ndi, made lots of clean money for his stand against the regime...I can't fault him for he always says...he has never wanted to be a minister...coz he could have had it...he stood...and I think still stands to his beliefs and aspirations...albeit with a twist...just my thoughts. So, for sure, politicians would always take hit/heat...I plan to run for office some represent the masses and give back in varied forms all the knowledge and experience we have gained from the diaspora...there are some things I can't change...and some I can rather than kick and send punches through my key board...I try to more like consult with the present...the past...and see how I can be the future and bring about, simply, slow, yet consistent change for the greater good. God speed my dear brothers!
Richard, You are being biased! You are crying foul about something and then turn around and discredit a man with vast years of civil administration, and world political prowess(from his days at the embassy in DC to Cameroon). No matter who is president, PM, GM, etc...someone will always have something to say...I respect your opinions...and think you have every right what so ever to hold them to your beliefs. However, I disagree with your views, and think very highly about the PM. I can arguably say he is one of the best PMs ever in the history of Modern Cameroon. I think ELM Endeley(1st PM b/4 the plebescite/referendum) , showed in so many ways that Bakwerians are good administrators...just like you can argue that Bayangis are good lawyers as they dominate that arena in La Republic...or that Bamilikes and Bangwas are good business people as there is much to show for that. Inoni can not be liked by all...No president/PM can be all loved...when you make a choice to assume office/power; you definitely know from political science 101 - Hatred and chanting will sing/swing both ways. If you say Inoni has done nothing for 4 might be oblivious to the happenings or not just follow politics accordingly. I can tell you his yeahs! and some of his naahs! but the former far surpasses the later. This news paper is growing... they make their mistakes here and there...but like we all, we are nothing but humans...CNN, BBC, FOX, if you see their reports on say had been like damn! that man needs to be crucified! However, when you analyze different sources of begin to make lots of sense from what is strenched! blown outta proportion etc...and being can then draw deductive reasoning what you, as an individual can perceive as truth/deceit etc. Don't worry, this world is far from fair. This news paper is not either...sometimes when I read it...I think they are pro-SCNC or southern cameroon movements...You should read the herald newspaper (online) Cameroon, The Enterpreneur Magazine(online) Keep the faith.
It will be prudent to let the courts and La Republic do the necessary investigations. The PM heads the Government; but he is not above the law! He has said it: if he is guilty of corruption; he is ready to face the charges, he believes in the judiciary system...remember,not even President Biya is above the, if you have proof of Biya embezzling public funds...take them to Mfoundi H Ct. and open a prelim investigative hearing...and may be you can make history and be praised for your bravery to expose the regime you see as corrupt...Actions not speeches! When we start taking action and investigating the validity of rumors, facts from fictions et al...then we can say we are contributing positively for what we believe. Sitting and condeming individuals, etc. based on stories and rumors is petty! God bless Cameroon!