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Chi Fru
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Biya and co are really taking Cameroonians for jokers. This is really mounting up and could easily spark a civil war! Just don't know what to say.. Biya, Inoni, Marafat, Ali and all the puppets wouldn't be there for much longer. Sun, snow rain, winter... Cameroon must change. Biya et co beware!!!! Long live Cameroon!! Long live Opposition and the SDF at its helm!! Bless, ChiFru, Uzbekistan!!!
Rexon, You've either got to wake up or stick to your Southern Cameroons problem which will keep dragging on for however long. You always appear as ignorant on whatz happening in Cameroon. You need to make up your mind quickly and fight for real democracy in La Republique and not your dream SCNC land. Honestly, me and you know that's just a pressure group full of noise makers. What have they achieved since their formation or what have their offered to any Southern Cameroonian apart from signing papers for asylum seekers in America, Germany and the UK. Your stay in Sweden or whichever European country it is may not be doing you justice. Wake up brother!!! Long live Cameroon and the democratic struggle!!! Bless ChiFru- Uzbekistan