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Mar 16, 2017
YES!!! What a great article. I was just this morning talking to my wife about this very same issue. Just read an article on the growing trend of narcissistic tendencies in the workplace and where it comes from. This phenonemon can become so exaggerated and the ego so inflated, that one conceives True Love as a threat to one's very existence. Made me think of the many passages that speak of the Consuming Fire of Divine Love. It also seems to me that this is the major problem with our superficial pop-spiritualities, that are not grounded in a relational model of reality. Often this can be due to the religious surpression of one's personality and the the lack of a healthy sense of self. Yet, as the article so wonderfully describes, feeding into our ego when only furhter alienate us and create more shame. And it is here where I think a Trinitarian understanding of reality can help to lay a foundation of healthy self-awarenss, coupled with the joy of surrendering this very same self in love to Another, and thus to other's. Without this, I wonder how one can really effectively convey the Gospel in our generation. But then again, the early church seems to have been already very much aware of this as well...
It was great to read the context in which the book was written - very informative, and hopefully helpful for anyone who might find it difficult to grasp with its message. So far everyone I encountered and recommended the book to (and there have been many) absolutley loves it. Thanks for taking the time to write this explanation!
This article somehow deeply touched me as I started to have a burden for the first nations people when I was very young, but never understood it. This has only intensified over the last four years and I don't know why. I've never been to the continent, even though I've got many friends there and I actually think that we European's have lost any voice whatsoever regarding what we've done to these people. Yet somehow I feel that something is being birthed among them, something that will be of great value to the Body of Christ. Facing the pain of the path seems to me an important step in this process. Anyone else who can identify with this?
Great thoughts! I am reminded of Romans' 'kindess and severity' of God's mercy? The same epistle that speaks about Father having handed over ALL to disobedience, so that He would have have mercy on ALL. And yet, His Love is still active (just as we are called not to only love in words but in deed - according to James' epistle, gathering hot goals on the head's of those who hate us, according to Paul), He suffers even with those that He had to give over to their own desires (the severity of His mercy). For the eperience of our sin alone would only lead to disillusionment and we would despair without the proclamation of His kindess that leads to repentance 'Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!"Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor?""Who has ever given to God, that God should repay them?"For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen' (Romans 11:33-36).
This was a great help, as I have been pondering some of thes ideas myself and discovered that some ideas proposed these days are sometimes overly simplistic. I am also wondering if some of Augustine's dualist ideas, which influenced so much of Western thought, was rather rooted in his former Manichäism rather than in platonic ideas - even though he seems to have incorperated more of the ideas of Plotinus, rather than Plato. And here as well, in some places Augustine doesn't sound dualistic at all, even though rhat's rare. Again, I think this article brings some needed balance to an area of oversimplification and extremes on borh sides of the spectrum - some of which I have been guilty of myself. Will look deeper into this...
What wise words! This has been an answer to some of the issues I've been going through right now...
Spot on! That's describing exactly where I am at right now concerning this very issue. And do you know what? It has opened up opportunities to share the Good News of Father's love in Christ that I could have never imagined. Self-Righteousness is still an issue, but as I learn to focus on His love, I can leave even this up to Him. The most wonderful thing about it is that I begin to see Jesus everywhere, as I myself begin to identify less with a label and actually begin to embrace the life instead. What wise words-thanks for sharing!
Very enlightening! I was just thinking that in the roman catholic background of my childhood I learned that there is no contradiction between Scripture and tradition, because the Bible is seen as part of the grreat tradition itself. And while this view might bring its own problems with it, its clear that the reformation didn't clear them up as most of the reformers employed their own interpretations to justify less than Christ-like behaviours. One just doesn't get around Jesus when interpreting Scripture. But then again, isn't that the point? And obviously Jesus Himself already encountered this issue Himself...
Brillian! It seems that the infernalist idea has blinded us so much that we don't even know anymore what the Gospel is all about, or why we became followers of Jesus in the first place - though I assume, for some of us it might have been a decision out of fear, a fire insurance so to speak. But what happens when Father's love casts out this fear? Is this maybe the reason why so many of us have a crisis of faith, especially later in life? Just thinking out loud. Besides, nowhere in Scripture is the Gospel presented of a 'how-to-get-to-heaven' scheme. Thanks for clarifying on this question!
Have been thinking a lot about this lately. For me, this is humanly impossible. Without the faith of Jesus in His Abba's love to raise Him from the dead, I honestly don't know to face all this violence like He did. Too much fear is involved and only His love - the actualy substance of it, not just the idea of it - can free me/us from this fear. Nevertheless, as long as we think there is an alternative to Jesus' way of the cross, we will never truly open up to this love. And ideas of the cross that make God the perpetuator of violence are only hindering me/us to actually take up my own cross and follow Him daily. Thanks for reminding us to follow the Lamb that was slain in His path of co-suffering love. It's the only hope of the world. Help us Lord Jesus!
Well, this seems to me a truly Christian response!!!
Brilliant! When I first encountered Father's love, the idea of penal substituion was the first one that flew out of the window as it simply didn't make any sense anymorea and I couldn't find it in Scripture anymore. It's so great to see how the early church confirms these deep spiritual instincts and how more and more people come into an understanding of Father's unfailing mercy...
Great! Just saw this video yesterday and thought that it might be something for the Clarion Journal. Am just reading the bloke's new book and had to think of the 'Listening Prayer and Social Justice' caphter. And its pretty funny too!:)
Thank you! This is probably the best advice everr writen to someone who contemplates joining any church tradition. Very helpful and truly Spirit-inspired!
I love this article - read it numerous times. It not only describes perfectly my own journey but also the thoughts that came with it. Just as the historical revelations of the other two Persons of the Trinity and their are still bringing new insights today, so the revelation of Father is still expanding and triggering new questions. The result is - I believe - going to be a fuller experience of the Trinity. For with the revelation of the Father came also a revelation of sonship and thus a turning o of the hearts of the sons to the father's - the early father's of the church and the questions they struggled with, that is. Scriptures just takes on such a bigger meaning when we consider the nature of its inspiration in this way. Actually I am blown away by its richness when seen through the lens of Christ as you described it in this article. Now I am also really looking forward to the new book!
Wow! That was just beautiful to read...
I wish John Tauler's writings would be better known here in Germany. We live only a few minutes away from where he lived and taught, yet most Christians in our area never heard of him. Yet, he was certainly ahead of his time.
YES!!! Love's certainly about time...(the Brennan Manning quote just says it all).
Very enligthning!!! Will probably read it again and again...
Great actice! That was quite obvious to me when I first picked up the Bible about 25 years ago. Since then I've seen many Christians avoid this issue, but the Bible itself says: 'No one knows the Father but the Son...' That's actually the very essence of Christianity. Jesus is the full revelation of Who our Abba is, everything else is just simply a 'in part' revelation. A quote from George MacDonald comes to mind: "All those evil doctrines about God that work misery and madness have their origin in the brains of the wise and prudent, not in the hearts of children."