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Jan 9, 2012
Have a great time, Jane, and come back to us safely. This is a special gift for a special guy and I hope you have a wonderful time. Jane/CH
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I would have been petrified by fear. The dogs locked me out of the car at the gas station once. I have the kind of car with buttons that lock all the doors on the door handles and one of them pushed a button. My keys were inside.... Needless to say, the keys go with me whenever I exit my car now.
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Seriously, I have met Jane in person. She would look pretty durn good in this. Pink always makes brunettes glow. Dare you, Jane! The Other Jane, causing trouble non-stop from CH
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I think you are doing a terrific job with this, Jane. I particularly like the idea of pulling metallic into a sort of spring-like thread for the top. Let me know if you don't like how the Kreinik looks and I'll send you some real metal threads. You can pull those apart like a tiny gold spring and shape them as you want. Jane/CH
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Yes, moving all your blog comments and photos must have been a lot of work. I'll never do it! Miss Chatty Cathy/Chilly Hollow
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So cute! Jane/CH
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