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This quote is just another example of the "no excuses" mantra. Plays well in public but is irresponsible. Look at any set of data you want - income and achievement are inversely proportional. That is not an excuse. Poverty matters, folks, no matter what Arne or any other miracle-demander from teachers says. That does not mean for an instant that children in poverty cannot or should not perform. It means that poverty matters and to expect a child in poverty to perform the same as a child not in poverty is folly without many different interventions - many of which take time, persistence, money, and tenacity...implement or all four and even then often meet with mixed success. Statements like the one from whoever she is are easy to make. Overcoming poverty is another matter.
Jack, Good for you for writing about this. A nation's greatness should be judged by how it treats its poor. So, too, a state.
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Mar 10, 2011