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Suzy, I've been following you for some time...I particularly like your doodles - they often grace my pc as wallpapers so I can have instant inspiration. As I read this, I thought about how many times in my life I've felt embarrassed by my large behind, by being clumsy (because I am terribly clumsy...something to do with my eyesight not being corrected early enough), by not wanting much to be "out" or to put myself "out there," by how many absolutely mortifying things I've done and said in public over the course of my life and ALL of it WITHOUT brain tumor surgery. And the chronic pain...I won't insult anyone who has it by saying I get it. I don't get it. I don't know how people do life with chronic pain. I admire them for strength I don't think I have in me. I wonder sometimes why people can't just accept that we are all different and beautiful in our way and that life changes us as we travel through it. I wonder sometimes why I worry so much about whether or not I'm embarrassing to myself or others...I'm just trying to live my life, for cryin' out loud. And who are the "they" that get to decide what is and isn't embarrassing, anyway? I mean, once upon a time being large and pasty skinned was desirable because it meant you were wealthy enough to over eat and never had to work outside...Ahhhhh....THOSE were the days! I appreciate your transparency...I wish more people were transparent. I think we would have less "bleeping tourist" comments if we could all just put out there what isn't maybe the best of the best and let it just BE. Your bird poo story brought back a memory of getting doused myself...I was 13. Is there anything harder than being 13? struggling with confidence and looking for my own place in the world and along comes this bird...HAHA! This post was healing for ME...It said to me, " are not alone!" so...THANKS!
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Jul 17, 2013