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Jenny Bullough
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Great post Kate - and thanks for the shout-out to Toronto Girl Geek Dinners! :)
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Longtime Creampuff reader/lurker/fan coming out of Lurk to assert that you both have lovely, dainty feet, the cuteness of which is stylishly accentuated by those gorgeous socks!
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Let me add my voice to the multitude: Great post, Kate! Funnily enough I'm currently immersed in writing a guide for authors on a very similar topic -- basically a simplistic how-to on utilizing web 2.0 to promote their books, couched in a very friendly, "don't be afraid" style. Mind if I quote you? :)
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Mitch Joel and Kate in one place? Never have I wished so hard for teleportation technology to exist in real life! Raise a glass for me! ~Jen
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