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Sarah Reyes
In my Bedroom...
I was born and raised here in Florida, when I was just a baby, my family and I moved up north to Boston. Then after a few months, we moved back to Florida. Then again when I was 2 years old, we went to visit my mother's parents in Mexico. Later again, when I was about 4, we lived there for about 1 year, that's when I only knew how to speak spanish. When I moved back to the U.S, I had to start learning english again, before having to start going to school. Now, I go to school @ Lake Brantley High in Altomonte Springs, FL. I live in Apopka with my mother and 2 little brothers that are 13 and 10.
Interests: I love singing, rollin wit friends, dancing(especially to spanish music), having a good time, and if u wanna kno more jus ask ;)
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Man, I already hate school!!! If Obama's bright idea is keepin kids in school longer, just so they don't drop out... imma tell you rite now that if that happens... well he's gonna be lookin stupid when he see's that even his own daughters are gonna be droppin out!!! lolz... Continue reading
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