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At my friend Ahmed's bah mitzvah
Shashlyking for a living
Interests: Eurovision, soviet subway chandeliers and episodes of Maude, in that order.
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Dear CB - Did the Iraqi Dinar bear a picture of Saddam Hussein? If so, it was worthless. Even an Irish Bar might buy they extinct Estonian humberfloob just to post on a "cool currencies from around the world" bulletin board. But everyone who knows anyone who entered or exited Iraq, which is everyone, has Saddam-faced notes. I have some old Ukrainian Karbovonets - Circa 1996. i will try to exchange them when in IST next. i'll keep you posted.
You left out mobile phone contracts for foreigners. But the Efes inclusion more than makes up for that. Carpetblogger, I would gladly be your PISS.
Dear Carpetblogger, the Eurocup 2012 soccer tournament in Ukraine this year finding that they have sold only half the tickets they should have by now. Europeans soccer hooligan wannabes are blanching at the 500 Euro per night for three star crapotels. My question for you...don't Ukrainians realize that if they don't charge reasonable prices, nobody will come? Yours truly, Kpic
Tony Blair, in responding to worldwide "anti-Americanism" once said: "If you really want to see which countries are preferred, just drive by any embassy in your country and look to see which one has the longest line of people waiting to get in. And that is always the US Embassy". Along those lines, I would ask that next time you find yourself on Turkish airlines and they ask, as they always do, which wine you would prefer, the French or the Turkish, look and see which one all the Turks around you who are partaking chose. Hint: Il n'est pas le vin Turc. When Turks start drinking Turkish wine and the prices are not indicative of a roadside rape, I might consider. Until then, if I want to slum it, there's always Crimean semi-sweet.
Dear CB. I beg do differ. I live in a country of which at least one third was in the Holy Roman empire and one fourth was in the Austro-Hungarian experiment. While parts are crappy, other parts have potential. Is not the definition of Crapistan the same as Trashcanistan, that it has to be a place that already ends with a -stan anyway?
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2010 on Ask Carpetblogger: How Stupid Am I? at Carpetblogger
Excellent chart, CB. It reminds me of something a friends once said, that the cause of all life's miseries can be explained in one or all of the following four ways: 1. It seemed like a good idea at the time; 2. The party got a little out of hand; 3. Everyone else was doing it; 4. Alcohol may have been a factor I think 1 and 3 apply for working in Kabul. Perhaps 2 applies depending on your security contractor. But 4 doesnt factor into Kabul, and any other of the Crapistans for that matter.
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Dec 4, 2010