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I like fun and light-hearted, but I also like to read serious, gripping, thought-provoking blog posts from time to time. Mixes things up, and makes people more interesting. My husband and I have recently "come out" on our blogs about his deportation and why we're really traveling. We still don't dwell on it all the time, but it is a major part of our lives, and it pops up now and again. It's crucial to understanding who we are. It's therapeutic to write about it, and I hope that someday one of two things happens: 1) someone in a similar situation will read and connect or be encouraged 2) someone who can fix this for us and other people who want to immigrate. Thanks for sharing these great blogs here, and for sharing of yourself as you can.
Ugh. It's so dreary, and yes, grey, wet, cold here in the countryside near Poitiers, too. Even when it's not raining, everything is wet and muddy. I just want to hibernate. It takes great effort to open the shutters in the morning. I just want to stay in the dark and warm at home. If visitors come, I am tempted to say "we're closed. Come again in Spring". I know that's not really healthy. :) I'm trying to be better. But the weather just makes me that way. I am getting a lot done online, though. :)
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Hmm... that took some effort to post. I'm getting some script error if I'm not logged in as something...
I've read "Stiff", too. Awesome book. I am always amazed at these little details. Those pre-1950 people were tough as nails. Especially the women! Donkey's milk. That just sounds disgusting. But it's weird that we drink cow's milk, if you think about it. When vegans or someone go off on how cow's milk is for baby cows and it's disgusting that we drink it, it comes home and I think of past civilizations, like the Huns, who drank mare's blood, without killing the horses. And what if instead of keeping the milk tradition from our ancestors, we picked up this weird blood-drinking thing. Then you could go to the store and pick up a gallon of mare's blood, and no one would think anything about it. I think future generations will be appalled at the chemicals we put on and in our food. Fake sugars and fats, artificial colors and flavors. Pesticides. They're causing problems that we can't even see now (unless we look closely). Our descendants will be as freaked out as we are about DDT and agent orange. Cat dung and vinegar...wonder if it really works? :)
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Nov 22, 2009