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I exactlly care about you alot-some how I think you already know-I woke up one day wanted to see all this stuff that in my heart-want to be able-to feel about-you-to come a cross that add,was no acident- I am probially get into trouble-the stuff see front me--it is almost like I am suppose to fall in love then everybody-is tring world tring not to make that happen-I am in love with you Paris Hilton,-God doing that-hope not to late-I -that,selfless act-too is suppose some of friends-need help-Nothing Happen in God world's by acident-
Bye-theway-you look very Beautiful in the color Teale-you seem to have A-Game back,on,You seem relaxed-as well-at New Home YV Guide Network-Paris you are from Dietz-Pam D.Amderson takes the icing on the cake-how some get away-without paying the Tax-I guess it all pre-paid Nip tucks from the Two-Hump Caml-in the Star Lite-Twinkle-twinkle little,star, Jow some Stars Like Paris aren't Blind-those Tiger Queens,then a Mean Old Toad-that can't shot his Load-Oh-Yesie-who that toad-Poor Pam D.Anderson,she Probally get the Presidential eal,to Huff and Puff-on those,Irs Agents-Little Petas,The Bailout of Dreams-
Dear Ms Paris Hilton- Must don't peoplethinkyou stupid-by far you not-,You are very creative-you have a spirit that is Bar none,my favorite part of you Last Season BBF show was,when you had your BBF'sin the same color Jump suits-you can see a con a mile away-then when they take the masks off-youcan see a convict a mile away, What Makes Paris Hilton Beautiful well she has specticale of sphere-here figure has a shake of a Hour Glass-why some get upset with a riddle with a Fiddle cause they do so Little-some get uncivil-because One has not even done a movie-she thinks she is the Best of the Rest-with a Double Down sez Tape, Because from Special Olyimpic Moose Villiage,some give Road Kill a bad-then they give the Chills-Then they do a Hat-trick here and there with a Cheap trip trick,is Little Nicky Retarded with Valrie or are some Noso Nottie-because they Hotties,How One is is forgiving wit the numbier 23, How One is Gold-how Freedom is an expression,How some take you for granted, How somedon't appericate the small things, in Fronted them-then become Thirsty Fat Cats Camels-How there is more thanmeets the Eye-when it comes to Ms.Hilton-I heard through the grapevine that you are so fime,as time-I hope this little,riddle sooths you fine ego-because when it Comes To Ms,Hilton,she has a creative eye-!
The Little Nicky mojo shake of a in the Nick of time You have the hip action,Then the shake of the Valrie,those Hat tricks can be tricky with a Goalie wearing 39, with those evil insurance Jacking The Rat at you have a new way, to communicate every 2000 or is it a Legial 2000,canyou shake be twice as nice, How is One the finiest Hand Model of your time, Do hear the Thirsty Tigier Queens getting Thirsty at the well,cause they are thirsty Fat Kittens cause they want some resdstiubation of wealth some are forgiven by pslam23-mare some like the Special needs Moose-get disgruntle, Cause they want Social Utophia,Then how one in a prismcan see the riddle,then can play a fiddle to smooth you fine ego,that some Like Valrie think their something,then they love the wrong camel- Why are some disgruntle witha three sets of Broze medial-disgruntle,cause One can see the Fiddle-One thing for sure you Mojo-is First Class Then you are Buffed in the right places-hope this no only sooths the ego,However wher your sunsets and sun rises-does One know that told Romioe to stay way from Juilet,cause have prestiage and stunning astegic beauity, How in 2000 years-do you think it was supposed, to happen-cause Of God's Grace, Is little Not -the Hot Rambioett-pee-with the Tee, of being Tigier Queen,with a man name Ram,The Retard, WhenJesus played Ice Hockey-he like to read-the Kings James Verison,when He Played ice hockey-,with the special it was a whale of attraction when it came to Code 46-So why did Jesus Like playing , Ice Hockey with a specialneeds Moose-he like getting pinned agaist the boards-However he knew he was, going totake it great-, Hope you can read between lines-cause you have been forgiven with pslam23,hope the riddle, with you fine Hip action,sooths your astegic ego, so do you think the Chosen 1 will get 20 or be at a 20 hour debate in DC?Seriousilly-hope the don't coun you with the Bling ring,that would suck, because you did a selfless act that should be written in chroniclogic time-
The Smooth Peril- Why is Varlie -so into little nicky, How some Stars are not blind, How some are still Tiger Queens with That Orange and black Tiger- That Orange and black ticker-, How your are a smooth peril,the one Peril of a Kind, How your sphere is astegic, How some are Halliow, How some are Greedy Fat Cats, Is One seeing the stuff their seeing it like Robbing to Peter to pay rose mary's Baby, How One golden Gurlis still distgruntle and-angry, Because he couldn't cathc a fox lady, how one caught a fox, Then she is a Ten-,then she wear Black astegically,Then How one Has mojo with hips. How One is gold- How some are a silvier star,That Little Nicky, is clever with Dr.Seuss Orange and black, it makes those camels thirsty!
Well-you should explore more of your genius-with you being smart-person-centerness-you should explore-by using ,you creative-with flow of bright colors-cause when your jamiing spirit-your eleiment-you seem to like friendily-colors-postive colors-your spirit brings a lot of colors-to the world-you one of God's Nationial Treasure-if they don't like they can get over it-
Looks Gold-like the Gold and Black- She always looks beautiful-,some are tiger Hungry Queens,they always getfull of full glass of milk,however where Paris-is concern-she refine her shine-then she is a,vintiage-in all the right places-One of then is how smart she-She is in her element-it like some try to test,are always unrest-because they the best- best,however -The always fight with the unrest-however they can be the best-cause she is an Astegic Gem-hopeit sooths the Ego-cause some are 5 oz Bag-then a drag-the want-to-be-Old Hags,That why Paris is always a 10-!because some can't live with themself-because they ,don't what a selfless act is-That why also Paris is a 10-she is like that silver-lining in the clouds,then when she dresses in shimmering silvier-she is gold and Bold,inside and out!
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on No title at Paris Hilton
That cool-can leave anothier comment-What makes Paris so fine-well she knows she is really attractive that is hands-down-what doine trait -about -Paris Hilton-most people think she is dumb-however she is not-What makes Paris Hilton refine then she shines-is how smart she is-on the scale of 1 to 10 -how would you rate her smartiness-10-!
Jim the Air Marshall-Kimmie is not to Bright-with throw Bling Ring Con-The Pruple Hair-with Perez hilton-has iQof 32-Opps-That Purple Passion with -Lidnesy Lohan-with The Photo-to be Honest Perez tring to get her to the Dirt nap-with the drugs-feel bad her-not... Continue reading
Posted Feb 22, 2010 at Paris Hilton
wow-Paris you are divine-It not your beauity that makes you beautiful-it is your inner beauity-the stand you made-some Stars are are not blind--it would suck-if you got your heart broken-for you doing a selfless act-sometimes-I beleive that was suppose to happen-You unlock the gift that have-think I am supposed tohelppeople with-One things for sure-I don't take small things for granted -appericate the small things in front of-me-think I suppose to passon the gift that was given-via throw -youThe Audacity of being to Huge to fail-then Audacity of making a song Huge-well you are gold-plus you know it-hope sooths your spiriy and ego!I don't know if is will post-May the Good side of the force be with always-
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Feb 22, 2010
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