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Break it if there's a wall in front of you...
Interests: arashi, yuna ito, namie amuro, writing, computer, SPEED, miliyah kato, kana nishino, MiChi, flowers
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Okay, so I have my fangirl tumblr ---> PLAY TIME... See you there!!!! Continue reading
To keep Type Pad only as the memory of my old Vox blog. I have this habit of maintaining my old blog even though I don't use it anymore... So maybe, if I need to check on something, I will just go here. But I don't think I will be... Continue reading
So, the Ooku movie will only revolve in the Mizuno arc... Aww, so that's less Shibasaki Kou... No, I don't want to spoil anyone about that nosebleed Nino-gif. It was quite a sad scene in my opinion. Continue reading
A day in our life: Me: Ma, I wanna have my passport. Mom: Why? Me: Because I'll go to Taiwan this November. Mom: Why? Me: I will watch Namie's concert. IF she goes to Taiwan this November. Mom: Do you have money? Me: I will save 20 thousand... Mom: That... Continue reading
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Sep 9, 2010
I'm sorry to say this but I hate the TypePad dashboard. It's not for busy people who wants to view her neighborhood's post in one go... I guess the only thing that I should do is to go back to LJ, where unluckily, some BNFs and b*tches reside... *sigh* Continue reading
Those who were able to watch the arashi concert in Taiwan last 2008, how were you able to buy the tickets? Continue reading
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Sep 7, 2010
I think I have enough funds now to go to Taiwan if ever Namie-sama extends her tour again this year... But exams can shatter dreams... Continue reading
This is the first time my mind went down the gutter seeing a Nino kiss... (#*o*#) Continue reading
I like the simplicity of "Love Rainbow". But the midtempo song does not fit with the not-so-fast panning of the camera in the PV... But everytime I hear it, the first thing that goes in my mind is Namie Amuro's first solo song, "Rainbow Moon"! I'll be waiting for the... Continue reading
Can I say it now??? I love love Aiba's exposed cheekbones... *weird me* Continue reading
“We’re not fussed about large scale things and want to perform in halls and arenas again. I can still remember the atmosphere in those places,” he said. - Matsumoto Jun We are all really ecstatic with the wonders that can be done on the stage and everything in Kokuritsu. But... Continue reading
Found this interesting poll in arama from Music Station... The title, well, it really misleads, especially if you're awake at 3 in the morning, and your mind is fuzzy... I was like "WHUT JAPAN?" My mind went down the gutter... It's funny, Kana, Takako, Ohno, and Aiba found themselves in... Continue reading
This is my first time posting here in TypePad... i think it's kinda sleek and simple but I don't know if I can always post here... But oh well... I hope we can have fun here! ^_^ Continue reading
Arashi- Monster At first I was like "WOAH" and after a few seconds I went "WTF?" It is NOT a bad reaction. I was just surprised with the sudden changes in melody and tone. They sample a lot, I guess... The last time I gave out that kind of reaction... Continue reading
Nino makes me weak... I hate it when he does it like that on cam! Vlcsnap-2010-04-18-16h39m57s103 And when his hair covers his eyes... It's just...!: Vlcsnap-2010-04-18-16h40m25s121 Continue reading
Thank you, MorningBerryz, for the prizes! Actually, I saw that it was sent to our house last Thursday but since I just got home, I just saw it today. Nobody told me that I received a package, anyway... DSC00453 I was glad my sister did not open it. But she... Continue reading
OH NO!! Just saw the CM earlier and I squealed but oh well, I don't know what the reactions of the Filipino netizens about this Japanese woman that they do not know. Some compare her to local talents (which is quite IDGI for me), some even to the only artist... Continue reading
I am always happy that Arashi always gets consecutive no. 1 singles, but recently, when I saw a certain post concerning about Ohno's mini-single competing with Arashi and the reactions of other people concerning the breakage of the no. 1 streak, I felt really bad. It's okay to be happy... Continue reading
I made this wallpaper earlier and forgot about the time! Dark angel nino 1280 I was about to make more than one wallpaper but this took me thirty minutes already!! Happy forever 17th 27th birthday, Ninomiya Kazunari. Tomorrow, well, I don't really know what I should do, where should I... Continue reading
I discovered this Namie Amuro music game and I got really hooked! Though I only reach level 25 since I'm not familiar with the B-sides of her pre-STYLE songs and pre-Break the Rules album songs (I'm just familiar with her old singles). Her Super Monkeys songs, hmm... I only know... Continue reading
CoverC CoverA Break It is actually the "A" of this double A-side. It's a rock-influenced sorta like-a kinda like a club song... Haha... sometime Nao'myt fails with his description. I still don't have an HQ version of the PV so I can't leave screencaps but honestly, that only part that... Continue reading
How can someone tell you that you should learn to trust other people... When those people whom you trusted broke your trust? My patience is almost over... Continue reading