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Guide Plt. 2129
Recent Activity, I turn to my wife and ask her "what does 10-10-1775 mean to you?" She responds truthfully that "it was the day that God designated as the birth of the United States Marine Corps and thus the day you would eventually become an asshole." Well, looks like she took extra credit on that one didn't she? Now that's time for a 'c-gar.......(asshole??? For the record people make me an asshole, The Corps didn't do it, people do......asshole....the Corps showed me how to be a proper, well spoken, one.....)...... ;)
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Dec 8, 2016
Miss putting a Marine in a position, miss the mission objective. Civi's know squat what it takes to really put those boots on before before the sun wakes for the day, and they know not what it takes to carry a burden of making sure every one has what they need before they need it. IMHO we need more military in these types of positions. Civilians seem to easy to send down the path of "The Snipe Hunter", gunny sack and all. Yet you get the wrong General on a mission and soon as you blink you faithful weapon has a little Bible verse ground off and you have to re-scribe it in your self. But that's how ya get a promotion or new command in his world. I guess. So when does President Elect Trump get around to pullin our favorite Major to the table? "XO" of the "Office of Common Sense & No B.S." Time for a c'gar?
And Happy Birthday to you my Brother....I do have to say, we don't look to bad for our age, scar's mark's and tattoo aside, not bad at all..."24!"....yes, time for that one best c'gar, for another year older, another year as THE Top Dawg....Semper Fi Major, followed with a smart snappy salute!
Good Moto morning Monday Sir. "Hit the deck running, attitude makes your day, either bad or good, attitude, you are the one who is ultimately responsible for the outcome of your day. Be the person you were made to be and represent MY Corps today, like I did YOUR Corp in my day. SAEPE EXPERTUS, SEMPER FIDELIS, FRATRES AETERNI. " Thank you Sir for the privilege of leaving something someone might have forgotten, or validate someone's way being. By your leave Sir, places to be ........... Door Gunner on Heavy Hog days gone by.......
I can't disagree with anyone. America is not at war, they are at the mall, the Marine Corps, they are at war, doing it as only a Marine can. They, the civies that cant walk and do math at the same time, live in ignorance for the most part by choice and if they had a day, just one day of even boot camp, they would probably run like hell. Ignorance of what being a Marine is all about is bliss for some, and those who don't want to come out and play after a learning experiance probably rest in peace while still alive knowing that some where in the world at any givin time a Marine has made the world a little safer, 1 insurgant at a time if need be. My choice? American.I was lucky enough to be born here, and I kinda likethe place, and the Constution I swore to protect. And a random act of God? I'm Marine by His grace, and wouldn't change a thing except the age thing, hell, I'm only 53...... Guide
Every year on Vetrans and Memorial Day my wife and I make the trek up to Willamette National Cemetary to visit her dad's grave, and we always stop and visit the warriors that earned the purple heart, this year will be no different except that I will have to tell her the story of Mr Maxwell, and the deed he pulled off to get there. Thank you Mr. Maxwell,and thank you for the freedom we have so that I get to pass a little history to my wife each year............
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Jun 28, 2010