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Chris Baskind
Pensacola, Florida USA
Advocate for carfree transportation oprtions; web publisher; writer.
Interests: Bicycles, great coffee, and large dogs named Max.
Recent Activity
It now appears that it will be MONTHS before Google Apps users are allowed Profiles pairity with Gmail users: (a shortened link to a Google Groups discussion).
I think this is all consistent with my guest article last week on the continuing worth of blogs and branded websites. Facebook has value -- but that value isn't free. It's reckless for business, in particular, to plunge into a Facebook program without considering potential downside. Sharing your proprietary information with Facebook (and perhaps your competition) is a real consideration. So is the possibility of weeks, months, or years of community development flying out the window if Facebook ever decides to arbitrarily blot your account off the face of the interwebz.
Best short list of content-building tips I've read in ages.
I gotta chip in with the dissent, too. Theater doesn't discourage the bad guys. They just come up with cleverer ways of being bad. We just hope our technology is cleverer than they are, which is a losing (and very expensive) game. It also plays directly into the bad guys' hands. Sure, they'd like to bring down an airliner. But terror is terror, and these procedures are a daily win for them. Lives are disrupted, and treasure is spent. They needn't even leave their caves -- we do it to ourselves. I'm glad someone has already linked today's article in the Star about Israel's approach to airline security.
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Nov 15, 2010