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Does anyone know who designed Tigard City Hall? To my eye it's very postmodern, with its square fenestration, glass gables, and pastels that bring to mind the work of Michael Graves and Charles Moore's Piazza Italia. That first photo reminds me of Portland Public Schools' Blachard Building.
"As Emmons pointed out, for all of the millions the bond is asking for, it doesn’t even provide enough funds for the work being sought. This is a common tactic with public bonds, asking for just a little less than they actually need." This is the opposite of what the bond was criticized for in an Oregonian article the other day, which said the estimated square foot costs were high. It seems like there's a lot of misinformation floating around about this bond. I'm not sure what's right, but I do know that the state our schools are in is shameful, and I don't plan to wait around for the perfect bond, or for the restructuring of financing mechanisms. I'm also sceptical that anyone was being taxed at 94% in this country, and while the property tax structure that this bond is based on isn't as progressive as I might like, at least it puts the burden on those of us lucky enough to own homes, and especially on those lucky enough to own expensive homes. If we don't invest in education, we will all be poorer for it.
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Apr 5, 2011