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Chris Bertram
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Is it true that by this measure "George Osborne will exacerbate all these problems by further increasing the constituency with an interest in house price inflation and in getting something for nothing." ? I'd have thought that the effect will rather be to reduce the proportion of people able to own homes and to increase the private rented sector in which those priced out of property will be renting to the lucky inheritors. Also horrible, of course, but a different effect.
I've been trying to get hold of a copy of Claude Goretta's The Roads of Exile (about Rousseau) for years. I had hoped that it would resurface during the tercentenary, but no such luck.
Rugby union pro: Dave Attwood, who now plays lock for Bath in the Premiership (top division) and has 2 full caps for England, graduated from Bristol with a degree in Philosophy and Physics.
You might prefer Pankaj Mishra
Hmm. I can see why vulnerability and the idea that we are not transparent to ourselves are important, but I don't see why I should accept more than those generalities and embrace psychoanalytic theory specifically. It looks pretty discredited to me as a scientific theory (which is what Freud himself took it to be).
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Aug 3, 2011