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Enjoy your work. To me, there is a lot of "implicit" sociology of translation in your writing (a good thing!!). This is Latour and his mates. The ideas have enjoyed some interest in business ed. since Bruno spent some time at the LSE. An ANT version of this piece: good ideas don't win, powerful allies do!
Time waits for no one eh, even Time Magazine. I think when you are at risk of going down the gurgler and unwilling to admit that there even is a gurgler, the focus you have on the world is prolly a tad driven by desperation/frustration and wanting to appear to be oh so on top of it. The one idea that Time has kinda missed is the long slow demise of the print press. To quote Mr Shirky: In any profession, particularly one that has existed long enough that no one can remember a time when it didn't exist, members have a tendency to equate provisional solutions to particular problems with deep truths about the world. (Here Comes Everybody", p. 59)
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