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beautiful free kick by Pardo
if only man! what a great advertisement it was
the atmosphere in Portland is fantastic! what a place to play a soccer game!
disagree on the defense. in fact last year's Galaxy team, arguably the best MLS team ever, won WITH defense! Everything you cliam is missing from the league defensively was actually on full display all last year to win the MLS Cup! what's amazing is how Arena has adjusted to this year's team, its strengths and weaknesses, as opposed to last year's, and the Galaxy are playing some incredibly entertaining games right now with goals galore, win or lose
will definitely show my boy these highlights, Wondo's goals great stuff
what an awesome atmosphere for a soccer game cheers Portland!!!
nice ball by LD to find him in all that acreage and unlock the space for whatever first touch and then the classic Beckham upper 90
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2012 on Must-See Goal: David Beckham at Soccer By Ives
with no Omar, why play a formation that requires Boyens or Meyer to take the field? neither deserve the pitch at this point, sorry Juninho has not played well, so challenge him this game w/Becks out, and start Sarvas and Stephens in there with him too. must get the best players on the field without fail whatever that formation is
what??? disagree JoeW has the answer
then loan him out somewhere that fits his progression...simple answer
I do ;)
"MLS clubs are so poorly mismanaged...." all MLS clubs? Like the Galaxy, like Sporting KC? some clubs, OK, but certainly not all
I hear you Tom. just saying it depends on the D faced and the players abilites too, right? when fishing and getting no bites, try a different lure a couple of times :)
maybe play him more directly into the 6 even? AZ is troubled with linking the middle to final 3rd, so bypass it once or twice?
no doubt, played in beautifully, timed his run beautifully, not close joke huge call again. oops play on
I don't's an issue. can he play up the field even higher?
I hear you biff on this one
not bad from Tim today, nothing great either. Good on Coyle for mixing things up imo; he came up with a twist today and it wasn't too bad, but his team is pretty bad however. Tim Ream is better going forward than defending, no way around that to me. And that's pretty scary from a defensive player imo. Wonder if Coyle has made that determination too?
Toure just turned on Tim in the box and ripped one that was blocked
OK, thanks. He's looked OK there so far, but his positioning seems suspect at times already, would you agree?
interesting move from Coyle. I wonder why Don't know the Bolton team well enough, but are they so stacked at CB? I thought that's why Bolton brought him over, to help fill a hole at that position. Or is there something that has happened at DMid for that team recently? Or has Coyle simply made a decision with regards to Tim and his best place on the filed for him?
Magee had the season of his career last year out there on the left, developed chemistry with David and got on the end of numerous Beckham benders for goals Mike and Marcelo will compliment each other nicely, along with Juninho and David and Landon and Michael....... :)
me too. so stoked he's back
wrong. Michael barely put a foot wrong. I just rewatched the match. You should too.
True. And @ the WC did so by overcoming 2 honest goals disallowed; Mexico had one dishonest goal allowed against them vs. Argentina and promprly cracked in half some just have to revise history so it fits into their ideas