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can't believe it, but I'll be driving with my family to see my folks. is it on the radio anywhere?
sweet...both of them :))) Go Clint!
the world? speak for yourself. look, they play fine, but there's way more to it than your simple spin. I prefer the way Germany plays, for example.
today's display sucked, period. both teams deserve to be trashed, a bunch of pompous, spoiled cry babies. yuck. I expect more from my sports stars and superstars...and am often left disappointed of course :)
you wouldn't know it from today's pathetic performances
this game is a freakin' farce. what a waste!!! And the fans paid for this BS??? as fans, putting up with so much bullsh!t, and revering sneaky tactics, has a price...see this game. that is has degenerated to this stupid spectacle, I blame the fans for revering fraudulent displays of 'sportsmanship' as clever disgraceful semi-final.
Ronaldo scored exactly O goals in SA vs. teams not named North Korea. Portugal sucked in SA, and so did he. not saying he's the best, better than Messi, worse than Messi, whatever. but on the world's stage, he laid a tremendous egg, as did so many other spoiled Euro superstars
agreed. if Mourinho celebrated a goal like he did Ronaldo's third, by walking in front of the opposing bench and screaming, I'd hope someone from my team's bench would take him out, tackle his arrogant a$$ and punch his lights out he'd never do that sh!t again
Jozy turned on Carragher
I have no horse in this race, Adrian. Chelsea appears to be getting the benefit plenty
your claim that Dempsey is what Adrian said. is that clear enough English for you? and nice talking with you...not. how about that, clear enough?
Awesome!!! love Stuart
that Dempsey dogs it for the USMNT. not true for some time. did I misunderstand you?
not true; no way you follow the USMNT over any period of time and then claim this I'd say it's been 2 years now since Clint changed this...even though you have been unable to notice it. hmmmmmmm
hasn't been like that for a looooong time; you need to update your files, man :)
the Altidore bashing is stupid
Chelsea's gonna score if they keep getting so much space to provide service
Essien could easily have seen red. Bale just got fouled again with no call...weak, blatant crap from Mr. Official
the guy's really come on strong, stepped in and stepped up Go AJ!
glad it's not too bad. would like to see him leave that league, the SPL, tho CL play is awesome opportunity at Rangers of long as he can avoid injury from playing in that league!
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2010 on Edu injury not serious (UPDATE) at Soccer By Ives
start the Crew midfield and Pause, like Rob said, or perhaps someone besides Rogers out there...that yellow card for celebrating in the playoffs knocked him even further down the charts for me watch him go score in South Africa!
Wondo is in the MLS playoffs still. can't believe that factor is still missing for some here...sigh
my thoughts on the subject, too. thank you
that's what I saw, too Bornstein is interesting to watch in this game. He's a veteran in this group. He certainly did play valiantly at the World Cup, as stated elsewhere on this thread. like to see him play a solid game. Spector in the middle makes sense to me; he's a skilled player and would be good to find a spot for him that fits
that is one arrogant comment. all USMNT fans? talk about a lack of vision, man