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I'd not put too much score in anything officials say in the UK presently, much of this due to the fact that we have a General election in May that might result in a Labour/SNP UK government - don't think the SNP are sabre rattling for war with Russia and Conservative sabre rattling is just that, sabre rattling, because of Government imposed austerity cuts on the UK military have made it a laughing stock, incapable of defense now, never mind any offensive posturing - Cameron being a massive clown and total pawn of the USA and NeoCons. As for relations with Russia, you forget the "Triple Entente" and the fact we are no longer an imperial power with interests in India, so geographically speaking, Russia is no existential threat to the UK, on the other hand, the USA is an existential threat to the UK and most of Europe. Time for Europe to grow up me thinks, and that means an accord between the UK, France, Germany and Russia - its in the USA's interests to prevent this - certainly not in the interests of the US average Joe to prevent it though.
It's a disgrace that a visitor to the USA undermines the Republic founded by men who'd not raise a finger in defence of this tyrant and yet Dem's & Rep's alike flock to his alter to offer praise. If I was an actual US Conservative, I'd point out that Israel is one of the greatest welfare queens of them all - as for any existential threat to Israel, none exits, its Israel that's the existential threat to the ME - and yet they pretend Israel has no nuclear capability - we are not as stupid as this in the UK, with the honourable exception being the War Criminal Tony Blair - the so-called Peace Envoy - go figure.
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Mar 3, 2015