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When we widen our lens beyond contemporary times, we can bring true contrast and context to the durability of this grand experiment called the United States. For instance can we can consider the civil war period and civil rights/Vietnam war era when peak divisions were experienced in this nation. Could it be we just have bigger megaphones but use them not for thoughtful deliberation, but for trash talking? When the church cast down its worship of political idolatry, we will be prepared to provide moral leadership that seasoned with salt and light. Out of the civil war struggle came the binding holiday of Thanksgiving nationalized. Because of our prophetic imagination, we will not descend into such a hellish state as elsewhere.
A dual track solution is needed to understand the root cause of this demise while developing credible apologist voices. The immanent framework of folks confident in their own capability and moral maturity need to be appreciated. The Gospel will always be good news when poured in fresh wine skins such as apps and engaging videos.