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I posted on your discussion over at Social Edge, but I know that some never move past Beth's Blog so I hope you forgive the repost: I think you are correct, some of the most cutting edge social tech stuff is coming from evangelical churches. You link to an article that quotes John Saddington at North Point Community Church. He has been blogging ministry & tech since 2001 over at This blog in my opinion is the go-to place for all things tech/socialmedia/church/ministry in the evangelical space. As far as youth - I am way past the "youth" age and there is lots going on with social media and faith in the evangelical community that transcends just "celebration" churches. Examples would be Mars Hill, (conservative, reformed) in Seattle with their development of OntheCity (Facebook like) application and Desiring God (Reformed, Calvinist, Baptist) who's Pastor in his 60's. He and followers (in a social media sense - they are not necessarily connected with the church or ministry) engage on all levels of Social Media with thousands of Twitter/FB fans, youtube videos, Flckr groups connecting everyday with encouragement, support, help or just friendships. In addition, I am aware of missionaries in many countries you are using social media tools in Africa, China, India, etc. from SMS, twitter, country specific FB, Youtube to connect and support thousands of Christians. Seminaries across the spectrum are now including seminars on church/tech/socialmedia issues. Young pastors are leading the way - but have mentored and taught some of the older pastors who desire to connect with their congregations where they are at. Good discussion. I think you'll find there is a lot out there. I joke that most of my followers on Twitter are Pastors, but honestly there is truth to my joke. On Twitter there is quite a community of Pastors and Priests connecting across denominational lines. Baptists tweet with Presbyterians, tweet with Catholics, tweet with Eastern Orthodox, Tweet with.... It's been a good thing to see and opened up friendship and dialogs that pre-socialmedia would not have possible.
This has been a hot topic in our Bible Study lately so I've done some significant research. I have 10 books that cover the 2nd commandment. All of them take Calvin's view except for Clowney, who I have great respect for. But Ryken, Horton, Packer, Watson and more take Calvin's view. For a short list of quotes on the 2nd commandment go here:
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Your words come from someone who has glimpses of eternity. What a blessing to be reminded of these truths. Thank you for sharing candidly, the good and the difficult. With fervent prayer for you and your family. Chris
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One of the most compelling books I have read is Richard John Neuhaus's "As I lay dying". It is a small book with his meditations as he was dying in the hospital due to tragic circumstances. At the time he did not know he would heal. I've often said, that if I was facing serious disease I would want to read this book. I've given this book to a friend with pancreatic cancer (she is doing well at almost 5 years). It deeply influenced her living. So it's a book for the living. I say all this as a Presbyterian (PCA). There is very little in the book that you have to look past. Highly recommend. Your in my prayers, Chris Dattilo
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Keep blogging. You write well and your reflections are worth sharing with a wide audience. The Lord has placed you uniquely in your family at this place and time and it is a joy to see you using your gifts for God's glory. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and how the Lord has lead and guided you. You make me smile and feel hopeful. God Bless you and your family (prayers for your Dad).
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David - What a joy to see you back on the blog. Your daughter did a great job. We out in the blog ether may be distant - but close in the Lord. It is a privilege to pray for a brother in Christ and his family. Have a blessed New Year - and our prayers are with you. Thank you for your testimony!!!
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I know your Dad’s greatest wish is for God to be glorified in the midst of this trial. God is being glorified by your humor, your obvious trust in God’s plans, your family’s love for each other, your church’s faithful care and words (blogging). It is also God glorifying to see all the prayers from people round the world for your Dad. We add our family’s prayers as well. May God’s grace be upon you all today.
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How proud your father must be of his daughter. Thank you for sharing this update. I’ve never met your Dad but through this blog he has made us laugh and also pointed us to Christ. I’ve been praying off and on all day for your Dad and will continue to pray for him. Thank you for keeping us informed.
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So sorry to hear this news. You and your family are in my prayers. Be sure and touch base with Bill Stuntz (PCA, Harvard Law professor, blogger, colon cancer battler). He has many good reflections God, colon cancer, family, work and a lot on being tired. You are in my prayers.
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Yes, but can you explain it. I've seen this going around, but would really love a good explanation. How about a video?
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