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Yes, I think Obama's "progressive achievments" are indeed wiped out by the moral cost of "other things." And while you are posting such substantative ripostes as calling me "asshole" (wow, does that destroy my argument or what?) and accusing me of being a sexist for taking a woman seriously and crititicizing her political stance (sexism should be made of sterner stuff, methinks), you might reflect on how you dismiss the murder of innocent people as nothing more than "other things" -- things which might -- or might not -- weigh more in the moral balance than student loan reforms or even Supreme Court appointments. Oh, but maybe I'm just being foolish. After all, these things are open to debate, right? Ripping off the head of a three-year-old girl as she sleeps in her bed, tinkering with the student loan program -- it's really hard to draw the moral line there, isn't it? And I am glad that you are comforted by the thought that another president would be killing even MORE innocent kids. I'm sure we all agree that a mass murderer who kills 47 people in a shooting spree at McDonald's is MUCH more moral than a mass murderer who kills 54 people in a shooting spree at McDonald's. As I said before, you have totally convinced me with the depth and subtlety of your arguments. I'm with you, man, don't you get it? Let's go off and fight the good fight for Obama together! Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship .....
Yes, the critical distinction between ripping an innocent child to shreds with a drone missile if you are a Republican and ripping an innocent child to shreds with a drone missile if you are a Democrat is indeed a vast and glaring one, which only sad, pathetic idiots could fail to see. The scales have now fallen from my pathetic eyes. Verily, verily, I say unto you: I shall go and sin no more. Gimme mo' O in 2012!! We sure don't want those innocent children to be ripped to shreds by some icky Rethuglican, do we? I'm sure it feels a whole lot better to be ripped to shreds by a guy who reformed student loans.
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May 6, 2011