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I love tacos.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2011 on Kettlebell Snatch at CrossFit South Brooklyn
I ride a KHS Solo One SE Tons of fun with heyooge 29ers, though it's better suited for the crappy weather of a Brooklyn winter. Looking for something more suited to the nice weather now. Must nudge Alec... WOD 11.6 at CFLIC today I got 80 points. This was rough, much rougher that the Fran's bigger, uglier sister that I thought it would be. Hope to see a bunch of you fools at Prom tonight, it's not just for competitors, it's for all of us!
Also - Super fun to see the Strength kids getting their bench on and getting some!
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2011 on Rest Day at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Shuttle Runs in 7:36. Carlos was a whole lot of fun to chase. Good point, Ufford. Tell those Dogtown folks there's a storm ah comin'...gaunlet thrown.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2010 on Overhead Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Nice, Jim. I want to hear more of this stuff. That's a great photo. A great photo of David demonstrating balance, mobility, and strength (and humor, sipping from his beverage) in the bottom of his pistol. I'd like to point out that while I don't look nearly as graceful coming out of my own pistol, I had lapped David at least 2x, possibly 3x, in the drinking part of the challenge.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2010 on Rest Day at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Some of us are in trouble...
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2010 on Bar Dips at CrossFit South Brooklyn
July '09 Foundations. Included Jess, Snip, Mr and Mrs T-Shirts, Anne Ishi (where in the world is Anne?!), Christian Devos, and Justin Levinson. It took a bit of struggle , including agreeing to do a month of Bikram, to get the wife to try CF. We actually signed her up first then I jumped into Foundations kind of as a survey course to pick up some coaching cues from David and Shane for working with small groups. Boy, did I. Thanks guys! ---------------- Nice rack, Lady Fox!
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2010 on Bar Dips at CrossFit South Brooklyn
I love "The Bear", and loved putting so many through it's paces today. I hope to make it up Tuesday with Shane :) Today was awesome, and each class had either a visitor (in fact, Cole from Illinois was the top Bear of the day!) or someone new to the gym. It reminded me of the ever evolving and growing nature of CFSBK. Sorry if I'm getting a bit corny, maybe I'm just stoked that it wasn't 99 degrees with 80% humidity for 2 days in a row... After class, 5/3/1 Back Squat Work Sets: 200x5 230x5 260x10 Super happy about this because squatting has felt pretty off for me on the first 2 cycles. 10 represents the greatest rep-out on a 5 week for me yet. After, did 1 round every 2 minutes for a total of 5 rounds of: 10 OH KB Swings 2 pood 10 KB Goblet squats 2 pood I told myself there would be a 5 burpee penalty each time the bell went down, but didn't get any. Expect some variation of this in the near future.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2010 on "The Bear" at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Happy Birthday Margie! Great morning out in Red Hook. Finally a day where I didn't start to sweat upon leaving air conditioning! Nice efforts (and the times to prove it) by all, and a few virgin barefoot runs to boot. As promised, here are the times. Alec H - 1:32, 1:24, 1:32.5, DNF (barefoot), 1:32.5 (in Chucks) Deb P - 1:36, 1:25.5, 1:36.5, 1:46 Samir C - 1:20, 1:18, 1:19.5, 1:20.5 Nick P - 1:16.5, 1:21, 1:27.5, 1:30 Bjorn B - 1:24, 1:22, 1:25, 1:37 Jess F - 1:55, 1:25.5, 1:28, 1:28 (last one barefoot) Sarah H - 1:29, 1:34, 1:29, 1:34.5 Jenn 1:30, 1:32, 1:28, 1:30 Charmel R - 1:17.5, 1:07, 1:09, DNF James ? - 1:18.5, 1:15, 1:27, DNF Ben W - 1:25, 1:13, 1:14.5, 1:16.5 Nick K - 1:10, 1:08.5, 1:15 A few folks made their cool down/victory lap a bsrefoot one. How did it feel to be out of shoes on a run? Now the food follies...I never thought I could have too much crispy pork skin, but the chicharron huaracha I ordered proved me otherwise. Thank god a 2 pupusa platter came to the rescue. If you're planning a paleo challenge post-Paleoplithic Nutrition Seminar, I highly recommend heading over to the ballfields today for a last decidely non-paleo meal. Robb says corn tortillas are practically helath food, right? Red Hook is such an awesome track. I wish we did this more often. Should we? Red Hook Track tomorow at 9:30 !!! The track is in the section of the park closest to the Ikea, furthest away from the expressway. See you there!
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2010 on Rest Day at CrossFit South Brooklyn
JMD - Congrats! and FYI, David picked the photo. I have 2 extra seats to Friday's afternoon Yankee game that I'd like to unload for my cost, $23. The only catch is you sit next to Jess and I, any interest?
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on Rest Day at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Noah - I'm browsing craigslist for a bike and apparently don't have your email. I'm christian (at) yippEE!
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2010 on "Jackie" at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Back off week Squat and Bench Squat: 5 x 130, 150, 180 Bench: 5 x 90, 110, 130 WOD Rx'd: 4:09 3 seconds slower than in May, still finished behind McDiesel.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2010 on Overhead Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Yikes. Since you asked, 2 eggs fried over medium 2 links beef breakfast sausage 1 cup coffee with cream 4 oz orange juice 3 buttermilk pancakes with 2 tbsp butter and 1/4 cup syrup I'm on a challenge of a different sort... I'm on day 9 of a Pancake challenge, and feeling...full.
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2010 on Rest Day at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Robb Wolf on my favorite non-CF fitness website. Big Time!
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2010 on Back Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Member #21169, Be advised, rule # 6845-C clearly states that Members are not to directly address The Management, but are to use proper channels of contact, namely through Gammas and/or Epsilons. No further discipline will be assessed a this time.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on Back Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Team 8 has already's no contest.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on Back Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Haven't posted workouts in a bit...(slacker). I've been following the Jim Wendler 5/3/1 method with Shane for the last 7 weeks, and really like it. Yesterday was bench press in week 3 of my 2nd cycle, and I finished with 210 x 6. I then did 3 alternating sets of 10 each: DB rows at 75lb and push ups with a 2 second rest at the bottom (hovering just above the floor). I hope to weigh 200 by my birthday this year. Here's a link that sums up the 5/3/1 method for anyone curious. Those dumbbells in today's pic, do they weigh as much as David did his freshman year of college?
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2010 on Rest Day at CrossFit South Brooklyn Great read from CrossFit California City
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2010 on WOD 8.19.10 at CrossFit South Brooklyn
watch this and laugh Noah - That's THE book that made me want a bike.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2010 on WOD 8.19.10 at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Never. Gets. Old... as promised
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2010 on Back Squat at CrossFit South Brooklyn
Kate B - you ARE so badass. Mr. Ha - One way to determine target time/work for WODs is to see what top-tier athletes, either in house or elsewhere, are doing them in. A few benchmarks: Fran - <3:00 - 6:00 Helen - <7:00 - 11:00 Grace - <2:00 - 4:00 Cindy - 17 or more rounds I hear tell of a 57 second Isabel as well, but that is nuckin futts. I strive to do WODs Rx'd, but some I would not even attempt right now, the afformentioned Isabel, for instance.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on Rest Day at CrossFit South Brooklyn
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