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Chris Hi
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I came across your site and am excited to see somebody blogging about the Second Coming without being completely crazy with wild theories! It is a pleasant relief after some others I have seen! I have a couple of questions for you in regards to this post. I am sincere in trying to understand, so I hope you will take my questions as such. The first is in regards to Ushher. I do not know anything about him other than what you wrote, but my immdediate thought is to question that Adam and Eve were only in the garden for 3 weeks. That seems like an unbelievably short time to me. How did he come up with this timeframe? Why, in your opinion, do you think that timeframe is accurate? My other question is in regards to the scripture you referred to where the Heavens would be silent for "about a half an hour." Does this mean after the half hour Christ will appear, therefore everything up to his preceeding- including Armageddon- would need to occur before this half hour was over, or that the Heavens would be quiet, and then the last battles would begin? I guess I am just confused on your interpretation of that verse and am interested to know more. Thanks for the great post- I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
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Aug 13, 2010