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Chris Hitch
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OUTSTANDING, Joe. What a great way to help your faculty and staff understand and use technology in a way that focuses upon a task that is important to them, but uses technology as an expectation of how folks will post and keep updated. I'll be excited and curious as to the lessons you learn as you lead your faculty and staff in this way. Best regards, Chris
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2009 on Not My First Rodeo at LeaderTalk
Jeff, Congratulations! Your persistence, encouragement, and leadership shone through. Having worked in a district where there were 20 different native languages and cultures, I know the tremendous efforts that it takes to gain family trust. I'm betting that you will be able to help your classroom teachers use many of those instructional strategies in the regular classroom for carryover. You mentioned that you are leaving Manassas Schools-where are you headed? Congrats once again. Chris Hitch
Toggle Commented May 17, 2007 on A leadership brag before I move on... at LeaderTalk