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Gordon, I suspect we need to add the keys to the xml file to build the places, but no syntax was made available. I am guessing quite a bit here
Harlan, Thanks for the response. Are you going to actually document this officially or do we have to guess till we get it right. Seems a bit wierd to release these new installers with no real documentation? I would really like a list of the available keys and the proper syntax for each key so we dont have to install it 5000000000000 times till we get it right. Anaing you use the word "Similar" did autodesk not develop this? Is it not part of our subscription? Should I start filing support requests to get all of my paths correct? Exaggerating a bit but you see my point. BTW there ate at least 10 BIM managers here in seattle asking the same question and pulling their hair out. BTW so far the batch file method is not working for 12. Works for 11. The cache is not copying the ini on the initial launch. Back to the drawing board
OH yeah I forgot the Rant Why all the complexity? It was much easier to just add the proper settings to the deployment and be done with it, and or edit the deployment ini file. We gave up and are batch copying the ini file to the workstations when we deploy 2012. Still testing to make sure the new cache works. (also not a good move on ADESK)
Also Harlan, you only documented a bit of the syntax. Where is all of this fully documented? Finally I am looking through mine now and do not see any of the Data Keys you listed above. Do We need to manually add them for proper INI setup?
Harlan, Have to say I liked the new method. We will see how it works as we go on. How do I add my firm and project libraries to the deployment? I tried and there was no way to get them added. Also nothing in the deploy help.
Ryan, Thanks for posting that. Sumex I agree that the standard "opening" should be a generic model to prevent it from scheduling with doors. However depending on the project we sometimes use the door frame as the door and sometimes the door panel. We can quickly switch each of our families (copy to project library edit family and resave) prior to loading into the project. The downside of this method is once we commit to shared or not, we have to stick with that because you cannot reload a family or nested component after changing that property. I agree that nested doors are the only way to go for the same reason. Prior to that we either ignored the frame (dumb parameter for the type) and drafted a frame layout or had a new type for each frame type material and profile. It was a PITA. Good to know that there are different ways to accomplish the same task depending on the need.
Ryan, Does not unckeching the "Shared" property stop the nested components from scheduling seperately? That is how we typically handle our nested families. Our doors have the property unchecked while our plumbing fixtures are checked.
Good comments Ryan. Much confusion on some of these issues. Why don't attached walls display on underlay? There is probably a good reason. future wishlist item for sure ('cept AUGI blew out the wishlist)
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