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As a lawyer at one of the law firms identified by Stimson who represents prisoners at Guantanamo, I can tell you that my reason for devoting my own time to the representation is for the reasons Hilzoy presented. It was wrong to intern(imprison) thousands of Japanese during WWII essentially by executive fiat. It is wrong to detain (imprison) hundreds of men (and children) at Guantanamo, indefinitely, without the slightest hint of due process. Frankly, I do not think a client would hire my firm because of this representation and I do think there is a slight chance that clients would avoid the firm because of it. We also have plenty of people at the firm, including partners, who do not approve of the representation. I don't think there is any ulterior motive - I think those of us involved are involved because we believe in the Constitution and that the administration's actions are wrong.
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