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I've posted a more detailed response on my own blog -
I know from my blog stats that a few people have followed the link in the previous reply. But nobody has commented. Here are a few of the things I was hoping would come out. - Father's timing is more important than our timing. - He can nudge us into doing practical things such as giving someone a particular book. Sometimes he may encourage us in what we have heard by things others say or do. - He may give us pictures that make a point clear. - He will work through traditional and non-traditional church, he only requires that his followers meet and expect him to take charge. - We need to be planted in Jesus, very firmly planted and rooted in him. Obedience will follow without fuss or bother. - He prepares in advance for us. There's more! But these are encouraging beginnings, particularly when they're shared in the context of the body meeting together in expectation. They're accessible to everyone - meet and expect!
I really like this post, Roger. It's spot on. I've replied on my own blog -
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Mar 4, 2010