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Bruce Arians, just another hater in the long line of Eagles haters.
Franco was the reason to get excited about a bad Phillies team, at least when Hamels left.
the quote couldn't have been better, Amaro hasn't figured out much in the years he has held the gm, him lashing out cuz the fans know and remember hi faux pas since he took over is childish and sophmoric. Us fans might not have all the info he has, but we know when he gives up a fiirst rounder he didn't have to for Paps as well as the AStros mess, it's just too much, the other teams love him for being the fool and taking us back to the crap heap, time to go rubes
I'd comment on ruben and how poor of a gm he continues to be, but that's been played over and over and besides, us fans don't pay enough attention to warrant an accurate view of his managerial retardedness.
Every time Shady opens his mouth, he sounds like a bitter divorcee. With all that Shady said about Chip, if he could have, he would have stayed here under the "racist" Chip Kelly.
WE have been loyal but has the team been loyal to the paying customer? Are they doing everything to at least look decent? We, the fans, understand everything he stated and more but we also can't help but wonder if amaro is qualified to be in the position he is. The team is old. And no one is hitting. Is this what they envisioned when signing Howard when and how they did? What about starting pitching? We were paying Hamels, Halliday, and Lee, and now Halliday is gone and now they got Burnett? How old can this team get? They signed Byrd, more age. What have we learned over a century of baseball? Age slows down. The team is mostly over 34. Not many of the older players did anything in august and september. I still think of the Howard contract, signed two years before he hit free agency cuz they were scared he would ask for more? They gave him 25 mil and that's way up there so they didn't exactly get a deal especially if they count the two years after that. I look at the minor leagues and have to wonder if they should have drafted less players that started out as projects with huge upsides IF they panned out, which they didn't, and more drafts of players that are solid picks. The phils have almost nobody ready to come up. Of course they aren't planning to win, there is nobody there to play and not the money is being spent cuz it's wrapped up in old players. And I suspect when those contracts are done this team will quietly go back to spending very little til fate deals them another great hand.
what are they going to do with no production coming out of both left and center field? Dom was found out to have absolutely no power away and now he hasn't been hitting anything even though he has done more lately. Asche needs to get that defense tight and keep up some good hitting and he will be a big help.
When the Gm is finally fired I suspect there will be parades everywhere and if this is what gets him fired, I'm all for it. Amaro understaffed this team with a noticeable lack of talent. The worst part was Galvis had to play for defense. The only reliable man defensively for the phils had two hits in who knows how many games, pitchers hit better. All the promise Amaro lied about before the season was for who's benefit cuz the fans that follow this team know he is full of it. He didn't even want to get Burnett. He could have ervin santana for the same price minus a second round draft pick but with considerable more talent and youth which would have left atlanta without their now best pitcher. Nelson Cruz could have been had for the same price as Byrd and let's just say anyone could have been an improvement for this bullpen. Saying Amaro did little over the winter is an overstatement for the kind of fluff he was selling during spring training. That is why he should be gone. I secretly think he wasn't given much to use since he has shown poor judgenment in the past and he may be on his way out thinking he will not be brought back when his contract expires to burn through money a smarter man could make better use of.
Any other GM would've had the sense to know when it was time to move on. Most philly fans would agree. The red sox ( who I am watching the Phils play now) knew when they had to move on. I see Chip Kelly shopping the Desean Jackson. The lesson the Phillies failed to grasp was there is no player too big to move. Giving old players(by baseball standards) contracts that secure them here and block young talent from moving up is bad business. While I will always love those teams that won, the more I see them fading the more painful it is and the more I see my team holding on to the past in refusal to see reality, the more disinterested and disheartened I become. Go Phils, move on already. I would rather watch Ruf at first, hernandez at second galvis at short. Change is good and the phils are stagnant.
Giving him a contract was the beginning of a bad winter. It was a sign that this team is not moving on. This is not 2008-2011, they can no longer afford to have him on the roster when there are better players ready to take his place. I never saw a righty have less ability to hit lefties til Mayberry. His only saving grace was his ability to field many positions average. Is that what we are looking for? An average fielder and below average batter? We have Galvis for that, among others who have more of an upside, like Mayberry once promised to do once upon a time but the phillies didn't need him but now the outfield is piecemeal
This article could be titled"Atlanta best Philly with a two run fourth" or Atlanta equaled Phillies nine inning output one batter in. Phillies show that three runs in a game is an anomaly and should we get ready for another year of one run games? They make it hard to watch.
I forgot about that protected first rounder! I was secretly hoping Amaro would surprise us all(hoping my above post was untrue) and go out for Tanaka, another big talent that would only cost money, but that was not the case. I am still hoping to see them pick up a starting pitcher
money and draft picks are two things this team has decided not to give out easily anymore. The owners seem to have given Amaro only so much, like any parent would do to a child who hasn't a clue would do, because they seem to be waiting for his contract to expire then they can go out and get another gm. What they don't want his Amaro miring the organization in more albatross contracts that are handcuffing the Phillies economically, and more importantly, talent wise. I was looking at the top ten first basemen and I know Howard won't be up there but wondered what will he do this year? Will he show he is worth the money they paid him? I hope in the offseason and his rehab time they taught him about curve balls
Bad ideas seem to be the PHils main currency and I will go on believing this til Amaro or his replacement show otherwise
Jroll may be a switch hitter but the way he hits he should be the guy hitting 8th or 9th. They don't need a guy who pops up or hits weakly in a major spot unless he has a major turnaround, something a few of these players need if they want to do anything more than be a five hundred ball club
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Let them players have their home run derby. It could be coincidence that a New Yorker would overlook a better Philadelphian Philly but it might not be so everyone knows who the hr leaders right now so let them pick on popularity?
I ask what more outfield does this team need? With Benny, Delmon, and Dom out there, it might be one of the strangest collaborations, but their bats of come around in the last month and some. This team needs to make some key trades to get value for the players who won't be around next year while they have value. I don't believe this team needs to be blown up. They have enough talent and enough money to stay relevant while they trade some of their older pieces away. The BoSox were able to do it as should we.
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Jul 7, 2013