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Chris Lawrence
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I think you are seriously underestimating the utter disgust with the corrupt two party system that does not represent the interest of the American people, and the growing anger among the American people. The extremes have hijacked the two parties, and although Mr. Dobbs will have some trouble on the immigration issue (he has been more than a bit hyperbolic - particularly about the Presidents birth certificate) - he most certainly has support for his criticism of the business lobby and PACs that have so corrupted our governments. We are headed toward a financial implosion in this country - and those who are responsible are the establishment politicians who have demonstrated over and over again that they lack the courage to make really tough choices. I wouldn't count out anyone who has a track record of tapping into the growing ranks of an independent populist movement - the elitist of this nation have simply failed us, and we are ready for REAL CHANGE. I wouldn't be laughing just yet.
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Nov 24, 2009