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I have this thing. If I plan to go for a run, one mile won’t do. Two miles? Pfffooo. If I don’t have time set aside to slog three to four miles, I find other distractions… easy to do in a house of four with “hair farm” Lab underfoot. It’s ridiculous, really, because any multi-tasking mom knows that it’s not the duration necessarily that’s important, it’s the effort itself. Enter my long-neglected blog. While I have some pretty epic excuses for my prolonged absence (least among them the arrival of baby #2 in May '11, relocation across the big ol’... Continue reading
Posted Apr 6, 2013 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
Like any other, my undergrad program required a wealth of wonderful and inspiring courses, peppered with a few specific mandatory classes. The most dreaded, for me, math hater extraordinaire? Statistics. I was grateful to find I could select one of several stats classes, ranging from Math and Business to Psychology. Easy peasy… I’m picking Psych. How difficult could it be? Case closed, call me certifiable, thank you kindly for the “A,” Mr. Psych Prof. Cut to several long months later and I’m receiving the worst grade of my college career, a passing score due solely to the generosity of a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
Ok, ok... call it a cop out if you want... but I'm "borrowing" an excerpt from one of my favorite writers for today's blog post. I'm unsure if it's the 37+wk prego blues or the fact my studious husband has completely monopolized our laptop for the last week (something about a really important career-altering research paper, blah blah blah)... but I'm feeling uncreative. And I adore Tina Fey. So here goes. As originally posted on the "She Knows Parenting" website, I present... an excerpt from Ms. Fey's new book, "Bossypants" -- pure comedy brilliance! "THE MOTHER'S PRAYER FOR ITS DAUGHTER"... Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
I love photography. And great photographers. I have no photographic talent myself so I have a special affinity for those with wicked-smart picture skills. I’ve been very fortunate in both my professional and personal lives to work with the very best (Joey, Carrie and Beth … that means YOU!). I’ll be the first to spend bookoo bucks for professional newborn pics and I encourage family photos whenever possible… but I’ve never been a fan of maternity photography. At the risk of alienating my customer base, it’s always been my opinion that maternity photography is… well… cheesy (please forgive!!). Commissioning photographs... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
Not to be a big ol' baby but this has been the longest winter I can recall in ages! To honor the new season of green, we're offering our most generous shopping discounts to date. Visit our Etsy shop, enter "SPRING" at checkout and receive a whopping 25% off your Tees for Two order, now through March 31st!! Don't forget... "Like" us on Facebook and enjoy special deals throughout the year! Many thanks and best wishes for a fit and healthful SPRING! Continue reading
Posted Mar 20, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
I feel like the rudest blog writer EVER. Seriously! Three weeks ago, I jumped into blogging with both feet (currently attached via swollen ankles) with nary a “how de do?” or welcome introduction to the tens (nay, MILLIONS!) of you on the other side of my trusty wireless link. Where’s the decorum? My word, my manners! Emily Post would be mortified, I’m sure. Dearest blog reader(s): please forgive. For those of you who don’t know me personally, here’s a quick rundown of yours truly. My name is Chris. I was raised a U.S. Army “brat,” joined the Army post-college and... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
Moving often with the military is difficult but it does provide a few wonderful perks… exhaustive “spring cleaning” every few years, the opportunity to visit exotic places, and closest to my heart… meeting a new and diverse array of friends everywhere we go. One such new friend is Carolyn, a mother of two beautiful girls and fellow fitness freak (in the most positive “freak” way, of course!). Only recently did I learn of Carolyn’s difficult road to motherhood. Per Carolyn’s blog, Home is Where the Army Sends Us: “Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the ages of 15 (right ovary) and... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
Whether you’ve become a mother without intervention, with fertility treatments, by adoption or through marriage… motherhood has its own miraculous power, stretching us to limits we never thought we’d reach, building endurance through patience and love, and strengthening our hearts and minds as we negotiate the ups and downs of our fertile (and sometimes not-so-fertile) bodies. It’s an emotionally and physically taxing business. Who hasn’t noticed an over-developed left bicep from hoisting an unruly toddler in an underarm carry… or felt the flex of strong shoulders when lofting children into car seats? Motherhood is powerful. YOU are powerful!! I’m an... Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
I know many of you have been waiting with breathless anticipation for DAYS, losing hours of blessed sleep, plagued with curiosity, wondering if I actually had the cajones to attempt the "Polar Plunge" this past Saturday. HELLO!!! Of COURSE I plunged! Just check out the photo below for rock solid proof: * See artistic depiction prego woman on far left, waving madly (courtesy of PhotoShop). So... yeah. I chickened out. Call it lack of chutzpah or just plain fear of early labor… I opted for the comfort of my sofa and left the plunging to the plunge experts. And experts... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
Hellooo and welcome to Tees for Two Activewear’s very FIRST blog entry! (applause, applause, standing ovation? oh no, no… please, no flowers!) After almost three years in the biz, we’ve finally joined the 21st century. :). I hope to snazzify and personalize our format in the weeks to come… so please stay posted for updates! I can think of no better event to kick off our blog than this Saturday’s first annual Project Sweet Peas “Polar Plunge.” It’s guaranteed to be a fabulous affair, even if the weatherman’s predicting highs in the 30’s and “breezy” conditions (as a New England... Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2011 at Love Your Mother™ Maternity
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