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Jeff, great book. I read an article you wrote about VC and it happened to promote the book. It was great to learn more about the complex nature of the VC business and how this small community views entrepreneurs and opportunities. I know our start-up, (cough, is in its early phases and trying to build up a following just like some of the companies mention (linkedIn, Twitter). I especially liked the part about how emailing business plans to potenetial VC's is not a good strategy (don't expect mine in your inbox unless your request it). The reason this is so important is that it made us realize that even though we have a very talented team, we need to work our connections and continue to network. We've since began to circulate our idea to many friends and acquaintances, make ourselves know at events, and now we seem to be gathering steam. Lastly, I love the fact that you point out that being an entrepreneur is a daunting task and that drives a person to question themselves and the forward movement of the company. It helped to me to realize that while there may be missteps along the way, we'll learn from them, possibly make other missteps, and ultimately be successful of we continue to stay focused on our vision. Thanks again for providing your knowledge. I've suggested the book to others and will continue to do so.
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May 24, 2010