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This is really interesting actually. I know for a fact some websites completely fabricate their traffic, and it is easy to demonstrate. It seems from our experience of trying to market WikiJob ( graduate job advertising to recruiters/agencies, nobody is much interested in traffic, and if they are, they are more than happy to take our word for it. This is all well and could- until some of our competitors start to make up stats to compete with us. We worked extremely hard on building up traffic so it pains me to see this happen. We would definitely get an ABCe audit if clients started requesting it, but we've billed over £100k and nobody's asked... I for one would like to see more accountability when it comes to traffic.
Thanks for your kind words everyone! I'm reassured by your confidence that the market proves good media in time. I can't blame HR for going down the IBM route like Ben says- lord knows I stick to what I know probably more than most. In the second half of this year, I'm going to be exploring the possibility of repeating what we've done for the states. I'll be interested to know if there's any quicker uptake out there. My initial thoughts are that there will be- I've seen jobs advertised on forums and stuff all over, but I'll be sure to let you know as I found out! On the plus side, I can say that attitudes have softened massively since we started. Back in the early days, we got angry phone calls from companies demanding stuff be taken down or else. Funnily enough (exactly) these people have returned to advertise. What a crazy world... ;-)
Matt- very interesting you should say that, definitely good to have somebody with lots of experience chip in. It is quite frustrating trying to convince HR departments of our validity as a core media, sometimes it feels impossible. It's so alien compared with the general fast pace of most internet businesses. It seems that even when agencies try to sell this stuff in to clients, clients still say no. Sometimes you wonder why they hired the agency in the first place, and some agencies or account handlers take a really good stance on innovation and finding the next big thing. Let's just hope the revolution is here sooner rather than later and we can all look back in 10 years time with our pints at the Recruitment BuzzUp and tell everyone, 'we told you so'. :-)
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Feb 25, 2010