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Chris Radford
Interests: Off piste skiing Yacht racing Cooking good food Anything in the great outdoors Being in the mountains and by the sea Understanding how to use the web to develop our businesses
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Hi everyone I just got this friendly message from Allie Smith at Sailing Logic. Sounds tempting but I am doing too much skiing. Contact Allie direct if you are interested Happy New Year to you! Hope you are well and had a lovely Christmas! This was just on the off-chance that you knew of anyone that might be interested in racing with us on the Caribbean 600 at the end of February? We have a couple of spaces left at the moment, and really want to get a good team together. It is on Scarlet Oyster with owner Ross and... Continue reading
See report in Times of Malta>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It was for Dolphin spotting, but the team had a fantastic time and sailed very smoothly and with great humour and fun. 47 sail changes and no hiccups .... well done. Photos and report to follow Continue reading
The proposal is to enter the Rolex Middle Sea race in Bongani. Rolf organised a similar team event for this race last year with James as skipper. Tobias has done this race in Sea Wolf for the last two years. Sea Wolf is another Pronavia 38 and is entering and Tangaroa did the race last year is advertising its participation this year. The start is spectacular as you can see here. Take a look at the attached pdf which shows some sensational imagery from the event and captures the atmosphere, the scenery and the pleasure. Download image portfolio Here is... Continue reading
I have found it difficult to get a boat for a price that makes it affordable. Everything I have looked at means the cost would be between £2500 and £3500 per crew member for a camapign of 3-4 qualifiers plus the Fastnet. This seems to be beyond our collective means as a crew. We either have to rely too heavily on a few relatively wealthy funders (not sure have any of these anyway) or are unable to engage the full team including our younger members. However, I have been able to get an arrangement for Bongani for the Middle Sea... Continue reading
I am currently looking at boat options for us for 2011. This is likely to be from one of these options Incisor with lower rating and new smaller mainsail and new boom Class 1 boat - 38 to 40 foot yet to be defined e.g. Reflex 38 Other suggestions However in the meantime here are some first thoughts on events for 2011. I have used the following criteria Events schedule that does not demand a ridiculous amount of time off work. Add in some inshore racing to sharpen boat handling skills and create some variety Something presitigous - a bit... Continue reading
Hi Here is a message from Derek about his RORC Carribean entry Please find attached our details of next years RORC Caribbean 600 Race. We will be competing on Venomous our 60' Race yacht. The race is in the warm water of the Caribbean starting and finishing in Antigua. We have chosen the dates so that the charter roll nicely into a week, but if your flight times vary then these dates can be flexible - as long as you are there for the start of the race! We are happy to offer a 25% discount from the brochure price... Continue reading
The only information we have at present is that somewhere north of Great Yarmouth, the team suffered a crash gybe which has resulted in damage to the boom. This damage has to be repaired and will need external assistance, so the team is forced to retire. We are reassured that all the team are OK and heading into Great Yarmouth before bringing Incisor home. Info from Tom (Navigator) "Hit by a squall, and boat gybed as it came back up. The boom hit the shrouds we think, and dented, so not safe to continue" Continue reading
Incisor performance much better, now speeds higher, starting to take back places now 7th in zero Course observations Volvo70's went outside Goodwyn John Merricks went outside Goodwyn the Volvo 60's went inside Goodwyn ICAP retired at Beachy Head Fair Dos and Tonnerre seem to be headed inside Goodwyn but with quite a few gybes, John B and Visit Malta using their symmetric kite to follow the coast round with no gybes, difficult to say where they will go. Weather forecasts remain in line with Mike Broughton at briefing Continue reading
A few photos of the crew as they were getting ready earlier today and on the start line and in the solent nearly ready In the solent Through the forts Continue reading
A breezy start line with a lot of cloud and equally weather was soon replaced with bright sunshine. Chris Sent from my mobile phone 07974 762346 Continue reading
If you feel you need to contact the crew in an emergency or are worried about their safety please call Chris Radford on 07974762346 and email with details. However this could be very difficult and it is unlikely the crew will be able to respond in any practical way. But it is possible to get in touch with them from time to time if the need is overwhelming. Continue reading
PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT: CHANGE OF COURSE SEVENSTAR ROUND BRITAIN AND IRELAND RACE 1700: Cowes, Isle of Wight: At today’s Skipper’s Briefing for the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race, the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) announced a dramatic change to the race. Due to a severe weather forecast for the west coast of Ireland for Thursday 26th August, the RORC have decided to reverse the course so that the fleet will race anti-clockwise around Britain and Ireland. The start remains unchanged from the Royal Yacht Squadron line to the east at 14.00. This should give the fleet a fast running start... Continue reading
Tactical weather expert, Mike Broughton, will be giving a full weather briefing on Sunday, prior to the start of the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race. Mike has competed in the race himself as well as over a dozen Fastnet races and just about every blue ribbon yacht race in the world. “On Monday morning, the light northwesterly should back to the southwest, just before the race start, bringing brighter weather. The fleet will be running on mainly a starboard gybe towards the Forts, as they head east out of the Solent,” Predicts Broughton. “Outside the Solent, the fleet turn... Continue reading
Here is the first review of the weather forecast prior to the start. All of this is very provisional since there is still more than 3 days to go to the start. If you are watching the crew's progress rather than in the crew, keep an eye on these pages for daily updates as to what is happening and the evolving weather. If you are in the crew then do point your family and friends to these pages Here is Joe's very helpful image of the course The weather on Monday seems to be dominated by low pressure all around... Continue reading
I saw this on the BBC Web site. Monday 23 August 2010 to Sunday 5 September 2010 Low close to northern Britain threatens summer High pressure to the southwest will again exert a significant influence across many areas at the start of the period. A developing area of low pressure close to Iceland will unsettle things for Scotland and Northern Ireland. The southern half of Britain will see temperatures and sunshine levels well above the seasonal norm. Scotland and Northern Ireland will also benefit from the high until low pressure begins to dominate. Rainfall rates will increase across northern parts... Continue reading
Aiming for 2nd in IRC zero season points As I write this we sit 3rd in the RORC season points for IRC zero and only 5 points behind Erivale. The result from RB&I should push us ahead of Erivale since it is scored up by a 1.4 points factor. However we now have five scores and are now looking to improve our score by discarding previous results. John B have only got three scores and will do two more races, so they can beat us by doing better than us in both remaining races. It is down to us now.... Continue reading
Right guys here's the plan for the weekend. The earlier everyone can arrive on Friday the better. Crew Gear We want to make every effort to take as little kit as possible. This will both help us keep a tidy boat and reduce the weight of the stuff that we are dragging around the race course. Kit that we take is invariably stacked on the leeward bunks so that someone can sleep in the windward one. Bags that might not seam that heavy (the weight limit for hand luggage on a plane is 10Kg so I can quite see our... Continue reading
Our start is 1600 Friday 2nd July 130 boats entered so far Download Cowes Dinard St Malo Trophy Application Forms Download Entrylist 25 06 10 Download Cowes - Dinard St Malo Sailing Ins 2010 Lessons from Cherbourg race The most valuable thing was that we showed we can race Incisor competitively for substantial periods of time. After weak start we climbed back through the fleet to be 3rd at the forts. Then we had some issues with a wind hole on the run up to Littlehampton and we went backwards for 30 minutes. Then we had some success on the... Continue reading
Sorry about the lack of updates, But there is more to come soon. Only 10 days to St Malo. I thought you might like to know, Incisor is called Pride of Wicklow on Round Ireland Tracker. They started quite well but are now struggling to shake off Visit Malta who are on their tail all the way round See the tracker Tonnerre are leading Weather is rather nice for them. Currently 15 knots behind them Continue reading
Don't forget your passports for this race. I have never needed to show one on a cross channel yacht trip. But in theory it could be required both on arrival at Cherbourg and the return to Cowes. Course is now posted. All boats now start at 1900 - only 1 start Download Morgan Cup 2010 Ammendment No 1 to the SIs and Course Entry list here Download Entrylist 10 06 10 Course is Nab Tower, then downwind to a laid mark, then a 27 mile beat to Littlehampton, then 80 miles downwind to Cherbourg. Some of the beat is tide... Continue reading
Still no course. But it is described as 100 mile+ race. So we should be in Cherbourg between 1100 and 1700 Saturday unless the course is very long. On this basis we would go into Cherbourg for drinks and a meal and then return with the aim of getting back to Cowes Sunday lunchtime at the latest. But don't hold me to it! Start 1910 Leave Yacht Haven 1730 Please be on the boat by 1500 latest. Jack, Tim and Joe plan to be there earlier on Friday. We should have a boat with a new pushpit and pulpit. Need... Continue reading
Quick one - the IOW Festival is 11, 12, 13th i.e. Fr - Sunday. Expect very busy trains and possible queues for Red Jet/Ferries. Anyone taking their car to the island should book well beforehand. Chris Sent from my mobile phone 07974 762346 Continue reading
Thank you to everyone for sticking with it through a very tough race with a number of highs lows and incidents both amusing and nearly disastrous. Being hit by Fair Dos just after the start was clearly the most dramatic and nearly disastrous event and the result was not what we would have hoped. But here is a review of the events, some highlights and the race analysis Highlights Fantastic start in champagne sailing conditions Surfing the 2.5m waves in 25 - 30 knots on the way home Finishing and getting a result Lowlights Being hit by Fair Dos and... Continue reading
Here are some detailed notes about our plans for this race. This focuses on the race preparations Please download and read this document it is very important Download Eddystone Plan Here are some piccies of Portland Bill, hopefully we will not have to go close enough to see this in detail Here is the top line weather at Portland At this stage looks like this could be quite a quick race. It may be light south westerly at the start but various different weather models show the wind swinging round on Friday afternoon and evening to make it a continuous... Continue reading
See also Record Breakers Line Up for Sevenstar Challenge 94 days and counting: It’s 14 weeks until the start of the fully-crewed non-stop 1760nm Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race - organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) and 22 yachts have confirmed their participation with a number focused on the opportunity of breaking both the fully-crewed race record set by the IMOCA 60 Artemis Ocean Racing in the 2006 race (7 days 4 hours, 29mins) and the course record set by Dee Caffari and Sam Davies on Aviva in 2009 (6 days 11 hours and 30mins). Leading... Continue reading