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Indeed cheeky! We sponsored it last year!!!! That said, I am really looking forward to this year - small stand, but hoping to spend a lot of time off the stand talking to people! New site is good, can't wait! As I said, many good things - need to keep the enthuse/amuse angle, but I would still say that TM in the UK has only just got started! So many people don't know about it, and would love it!
My initial thoughts are quite scattered and random, and therefore a longer more coherent comment will follow I am sure! I have to agree with Ian, in that the most inspiring thing about TMHants was that the vast majority had never been to a TM before - as I mentioned here it was great to see the reluctant people being the ones that hung around at the end working out what Ideas to try out first! Therefore I don't agree with the 'saturation' point. The danger has been that TeachMeet is a model that needs new people to attend all the time - and events like TMHants have provided just the sort of thing that will develop and enhance the brand. Although TMBett was inspiring, preaching to the converted only has a certain shelf-life. The only other thought I had was that the events I have attended (and sponsored), the commercial companies have been on best behaviour. There haven't been any sales pitches (and if there were I would be with you and think they shouldn't happen!); and the companies haven't jumped on people to sell to them (cf reaction to the TMTakeover at BETT). The companies that are sponsoring are the ones who believe in TeachMeet and therefore should live within the spirit of the rules... On a positive note, there are some really good ideas, more support, more specialist help in marketing of it (as you know, a few sponsoring companies have made a formal offer of support here); easier interaction through a proper website with easy interaction, rather than the hurdle of the wiki (which although functional, could easily put off the uninitiated!). Having a centralised system could be very time consuming, and costly. As I said, uncoordinated random thoughts after a long day of meetings...I am sure more coherence will follow!
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May 24, 2010