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Christopher Squire
Twickenham, UK
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Aug 12, 2012
Re: ‘Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister) - Norman Lamb’: Lamb is more than a mere PPS: ‘ . . The role encompasses that of deputy whip and parliamentary private secretary, and as such Norman Lamb will be in attendance at Cabinet and relevant cabinet committees.’ [Cabinet Office] See:
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The 'David Bellamy Award-winning garden' is actually somewhere else, on Sherland Rd, a small part of a former bomb site, now garages, which is to be used for social housing. The scheme is only an issue in the parts of 2 wards close to it - residents of Richmond and Barnes rarely visit Twickenham for any purpose. The site is being developed to pay for a River Centre on it, sponsored by the Environmental Trust for Richmond upon Thames and many local conservation groups. You can read all about it at:
'Good old Vince' cultivates the media both locally and nationally and is forever popping up on the box with a quote or an extended interview. Gideon refuses to be interviewed by a lobby journalist who is doing a profile of him for fear of being shown up as not yet master of his brief and tells all his cronies not to cooperate either. Which is the credible Shadow Chancellor?
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I am amazed that climate change and the urgent task of decarbonising our economy [down from 10 tonnes of COS each per year to c. 2] have not been mentioned. This will soon put a stop to any growth in aviation and then force it to shrink year by year. So this new runway would be a white elephant, a gigantic folly, from the start. Don't you Tories read the newspapers?
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