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Thanks for the Book reminder Brian. I've ordered it from Amazon. I'll be looking for your itinerary.
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on Not letting life happen at Free Agent Underground
This is inspiring to me. I know, Kevin, that you do not use the word inspiring lightly and it is in that spirit that I use the word inspiring. I am highly motivated to action and Brian's story is stirring my desire. At the FAA IDEA event Brian mentioned a book that he is reading to his girls about two boys who go on an adventure to NYC. I would like to get the title to that book. Now I see why he enjoyed reading it to his family. I am glad to be at the cusp of Tuten family quest and will see if we can enjoy a leg of the journey. Chris Chris
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2011 on Not letting life happen at Free Agent Underground
I did not get this in time for the show. My soap box? Exotic Excuses: knock em off. I am exhausted by the litney of excuses I hear to avoid doing something great! What ticks me off even more is I use them too. Up till this year. I have begun a journey. I am not turning back. I am enjoying training, traveling and tribulation. Here are some notes on the subject I've plugged into my iPhone when inspired: Accrostic FEAR: From Exotic Excuses to an Awesome Automatic Response I use FEAR because it is lousy FEAR that causes someone to engage in an Exotic Excuse. Also heard fear describved as false evidence appearing real. That's what an Exotic Excuse is--giving false information that you want the person to accept as real. An excuse is an explanation why something has been done, why something has not been done or why something will not be done. An Exotic Excuse is used to cover up 3 I's Incompetence Indifference Inadequacy Exotic Excuse: anything but the truth, the whole truth, or anything resembling the truth and likely used to cover up the truth. Some use an Exotic Excuse to explain away bad behavior or showing disrespect. Self justification. An Exotic Excuse only supports our own delusioned self. It does not help us grow character; just makes ya another character. Go Away! Financial Exotic Excuse: "Live a little." What they're saying is "I don't want to police my impulses." Christ said to have life in abundance. He want's you to live a lot not a little. Exotic Excuse: Take a Chance! Do not allow the winds of chance to dictate your resolve to live an intentional life. In politics an Exotic Excuse is called SPIN Has the Exotic Excuse become a reflex for you? So engrained it's automatic? We need to figure our why we are giving an Exotic Excuse. To avoid hurting feelings or to avoid reality? Do we encourage the Exotic Excuse out of others by over reacting to the truth? Do we use an Exotic Excuse to avoid telling the truth? to avoid embarrassment? hurt feelings? wanting to avoid the subject? to sugar coat and beat around the bush? "To tell you the truth" often preemts an Exotic Excuse Some will offer an Exotic Excuse even when no excuse, reason or explanation has been asked of them. An Exotic Excuse for being lazy. Proverbs 26:13 Exotic Excuse: There is a reason I'm pissed. True, but if your looking anywhere outside of yourself then you are an Exotic Excuse and a POOR one at that. A poor excuse for a human being. That was fun. Thanks for reading.
"the way to filter their merit is through other people." Looking forward to some filtering next weekend.
Kevin - Reading your blog and all the comments made me think of Ecclesiastes 12:12 "take this warning: To the making of many books there is no end, and much devotion to them is wearisome to the flesh." I love to read. With blogs and email updates and such have a season. They speak to me because of the season or situation I am in. When that season ends so goes the reading. Now how about a post about actually ending the subscription to the podcast, blog etc. Something in me still wants to see keep it going even though I'm ignoring and deleting. Chris
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Feb 18, 2011