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Christine Campbell
North Vancouver
Reflections of a first time Mom
Interests: Hiking with the dogs, listening to my husband play piano, morning coffee at Delany's, my family and friends, pinot gris, 30 Rock, learning, and pretending to enjoy yoga
Recent Activity
Thank you all for your insight and comments to my previous blog entry. I agree that moderation is key and compliments and praise should be as concrete as possible. But then yesterday happened... I set out an avocado, a grapefruit, a lemon and a lime for M to try to... Continue reading
I was raised in a family that was big on compliments and praise. I was a competitive ringette player and a swimmer and remember the feeling of getting praise - even as a youngster. I liked getting positive feedback and - truth be told - I still do. Over the... Continue reading
Well blow me over and call me Matt - M has two teeth that have broken through her gums. We went for our second walk of the day yesterday afternoon. I had her in my Baby Bjorn and was carrying her face forward. She grabbed my thumb and went for... Continue reading
Yes! My little girl had her first day of school today and she is 7 1/2 months old! M and I went to the 'Infant' class at North Star Montessori in North Vancouver. My lovely friend Karen told me about the school and said that they held an infant program.... Continue reading
I love birthdays. I love a day in the year that gets to be all about you. For some reason, this was a birthday week and it was AWESOME! On Monday, my love gave me an early gift - the new iphone. It was love at first sight and my... Continue reading
Two days ago, my Mom came over to watch M so I could head to Kits to get my hair done. I was almost late after going through all the info bits I wanted her to know ( like she doesn't know how to be a Mom?) good grief. I... Continue reading
I had a wonderful morning. Little M slept for 12 1/2 hours with one wake up - so fantastic. I went down to the W. End to meet up with a new friend, Angela and her baby girl Riley. The sun was out, we had our coffee in hand and... Continue reading
What a fantastic weekend it was! On Friday, I took M to the Dr. to make sure that she was as healthy as I think she is. She is - and complete with a bit of attitude and a few smiles to boot! He gave me a very good suggestion... Continue reading
OMG...this morning, I snuck out of the house with M and the dogs to let my honey sleep in. I left a note saying that we were at Delany's - our local coffee shop. When I left the house, there were glimpses of blue sky over UBC and I was... Continue reading
Well, today baby M and I went to Mother Goose...a nursery rhyme sing-a-long class. I didn't know what to expect. It was located in a plain room at the Parkgate Community Centre in North Vancouver. The leader's name was Brenda and she was very, very nice. I was the second... Continue reading
It is good to be home! After going to what I was hoping would be a nice, relaxing, sunny 2 weeks in Palm Springs - I am happy to be back and a bit more on schedule. M was a superstar on the flight down. She fell asleep during take... Continue reading
Personally, I am not sure what all the fuss about the time change is about. I had 8 1/2 hours of consistent sleep last night - thanks to my hubby doing the night shift with little M. We were all up nice and early and M and I and the... Continue reading
This morning, we were up early and down to Delany's for my coffee. I geared up to take M and the dogs for a walk on Mosquito Creek. It was raining and a typical Vancouver morning. My energy level wasn't huge. My parking spot that conveniently allows me to forgo... Continue reading
It happens, sometimes, that you come across a few kindred souls in life. For me, I found three of them at work and we call ourselves The Elements. We have an Air, a Fire, a Water and an Earth sign. Last night, I called a meeting of The Elements because... Continue reading
Laughter up Mt. Seymour Continue reading
Parental Rage is not pretty... Continue reading
I had book club last night. Our selection was "Have a Little Faith" by Mitch Albom and it may very well be one of my favourite books. The discussion was excellent but tended to go way off the topic question as everyone related their personal story to the group. Then... Continue reading
We have had a full week of successful crib sleeps by our beautiful daughter - life is good. It was an eventful weekend marked with glorious sunshine and friends and a whole lotta kids! Saturday morning, my honey and I went skiing up Seymour Mountain. I think we were the... Continue reading
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Feb 20, 2011
Maybe that sounds like a potentially awful rap song? Our little M had her first full night in her crib last night. We are thrilled with her transition and I believe she slept better...I know I did! There was a wake up around 10 and Daddy fed her and put... Continue reading
Happy V Day everyone! It is rainy and grey and a perfect Vancouver day. I am all bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning due to my husband's insight and his strong arms. Friday night was not great - little M was snacking at the 'all night diner' ALL NIGHT.... Continue reading
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Feb 14, 2011
Wow - so I thought I had a bit of a routine going with baby M. She has a morning and afternoon nap that seemed to be almost effortless. Then, yesterday, it changed - or rather - I learned yet another new lesson in parenting. This week we had been... Continue reading
Our daughter's first dance with Glee and Michael Jackson... Continue reading
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Feb 7, 2011