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Shanti Christensen
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'Ruggedly handsome', I like that. I want to visit beautiful Istanbul, but am equally curious to explore the other parts of Turkey... and when I do, I want to try pide as good as you've documented it.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on Missed Opportunities and Pide at EatingAsia
I love chicharron. I like eating the fatty part of roasted or fried pork, but the thought of fat oozing from a fat larvae is something I'll contend with if ever in the moment. Although, I imagine it would be delicious since I love sago so much (in desserts). I find it funny, when food is offered to guests for honorary reasons or simple hospitality, only to find everyone else in the room won't oblige out of distaste. That happens to me a lot. You can't really refuse (except for the raw wriggling larvae; I'm with you there), so you accept and give a respectful reaction almost convincing everyone that you like it. No one else will have the treat, but now you've shown that you genuinely like it. Such is my typical experience with new foods introduced to me by generous hosts. Thanks for the windows into Filipino culture I don't know about. I'm sharing this with my mom.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on The Tree of Life (Part 3) at EatingAsia
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Jan 11, 2012