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Sorry Ashley, but I totally disagree with you in regards to your comment about the children being "well-rounded". Those children are far from being well rounded when they are not allowed to experience life outside the Duggar house. For homeschooling child to be well rounded the parent must get the children involved in outside activities. They should be playing sports on the town's rec teams, they should be going to art classes, they should be involved in 4-H etc. I would like to know if Ma Duggar is teaching the high school age children a second language (which is required in MA to get one's high school diploma). The kids should be having computor lessons etc. I am a teacher and I have seen homeschooling work and not work. The parents that make it work have a room that is set up just like a classroom. The mom also spends a lot of time in the car taking her kids to extra curricular activities in order to have the children "well-balanced". Are the older Duggar kids involved in service projects to the community? Where is serving your neighbor, making meals for those less fortunate etc. I also have to comment... I don't have a problem with parents that want an "extra" large family as long as the children are tended to and cared for by the parents. But from what I have seen Ma Duggar hands over the youngest to an older sibling to be raised. Anyone watch the clips on the Discovery channel website like the Christmas one? I never see Ma Duggar holding little Jackson, you never see this mother kissing her children either. It is like she breeds them and then after 5 months she looses interest and hands them over to an older child to do the rest of the raising. If this woman really followed the Bible she would be breastfeeding till the child was a toddler and her fertility returned naturally which would put a much larger gap between children. But instead she weans so that she can get pregnant again ... that is so DARN SELFISH on her part. I feel so sorry for those little babies!!!!! To Ma Duggar it is about how many kids she can squeeze out of her body not about quality of parenting. If you also watch the Christmas clip on DH website, Ma Duggar is going on and on about what they will have for their "holiday" meal. Cripe she is a Christian and in public she can't call it their "Christmas" meal???? But she goes on and on mashed potatoes, stuffing, canned corn etc... and if you watch to see what they are loading into the cart.... canned veggies, box stuffing, box mashed potatoes!!!! YAK!!!!! I cook for 20 plus people during the holidays and I would never think of serving fake mashed potatoes or fake stuffing or canned veggies YUCK!!!! YUCK!!! YUCK!! This woman can't even peal potoatoes? or rip up bread to make stuffing????? It is much cheapier to buy a few bags of potatoes and bread to make the real stuff and get some real vitamins out of the food then the fake processed stuff that family eats !
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2006 on The Duggar Debate at My Name is Mommy
It is one thing to not be afraid of having a large family as you would not believe the rude comments when I was pregnant with our 4th child. I received comments such as "trying for the girl" to "was this an accident". But when chooses to have a large family you also have to be a responsible parent to "can I meet the needs of all the children". Meeting needs means more then puting food on the table and making sure they have clean clothes. It means am I able to spend quality individual time with each child. My children love being together but they also love having alone time with either dh or me and doing special things. I would like to know if the Duggar children are allowed to be involved in any outside the home activities such as boy scouts or girl scouts, youth groups or even have individual friends. What would mom Duggar do if one of the child's "buddies" decided to go over to a friends house? I also feel the way those children are kept away from the world is a shame. There are so many wonderful a glorious things in God's world to experience that it seems as if their only place is in the home caring for their buddy and doing their jurisdictions. As another poster stated that the children are not selfish or attention seeking is because they can't be because that large of a family you can't have any of that. But I do think Mom and Dad are pretty selfish in the fact that they shove off the youngest child to another child so they came make room for another.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2006 on The Duggar Debate at My Name is Mommy
I was an only child (not by my parents choice) I always wanted a large family because I never had it growing up. God has blessed me with 4 beautiful boys. I had wanted one more either by birth or adoption but God has had other plans. I am always interested in "big" families and the reason why I watched the Duggar's show. I was very uneasy watching that family. I nursed all my kids through toddlerhood and we practised barrier birth control in order to space our children out. All four boys are 3+ years apart. I was able to "baby" the baby. It seems to me that Mrs Duggar gets pregnant at soon as the baby most likely starts sleeping longer (this is when I found my periods returned while nursing (I was super fertile as my period returned when my babies were around 4 months old and only on breastmilk) Those children are only a year apart in age (the younger children). Another important thing when you have a large family is to make individual time with EACH child. My husband and I rotate in spending alone time with each of our children through out the week. A one year old is still a baby and NEEDS their mother not an older sibbling! I could not imagine weaning my babies at a year old and tossing them aside to an older sibbling just to make room for another child, that is just down and out selfish on her part and not being a mother to those children when they are babies!!! I was also creeped out by the fact that they have made up "their own church". What is the problem with going to church? Did they not say there was a church right next door to their house. They can't walk? So Jim Bob thinks he is a minister too? Christians are called to go OUT into the world and MAKE disciples of ALL nations. Christians are supposed to LIVE in the world and not be of it. I don't see them following Jesus' commands. Those children are not learning a thing about discipleship or doing for others. As far as homeschooling.... I am a certified teacher (working at home)and my husband is a principal in a school for special needs children. There is a time and place for homeschooling. I also live in an area in which homeschooling is really big. But just because someone is a mother does not make them qualified to be a school teacher for their children. People think that all you have to do is workbook pages to teach children. I never had any intention on homeschooling because I think "school" is a wonderful experience for children and they need it. My 4 LOVE school, they love seeing their friends every day. It is important that children see that there are different ways and people have different opinions. Working and getting along with others as children builds upon being able to work with adults when you get a job in the real world. You can still send your children to school and be a Christian and still teach your children Christian values. I wonder what other language Mrs Dugger is fluent in that she will be able to teach the older kids. Where I live in order to get a high school diploma a child must have two years of a forgein language, even if they are homeschooled they must also meet that criteria. The clothes thing creeped me out too. Granted they were being filmed so most likely the children were in their best digs for the camera.... but come on now.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2006 on The Duggar Debate at My Name is Mommy