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Christian Rivera
Philadelphia, PA
I write funny stuff about the phillies, do graphics for the phillies and fight crime on the weekends.
Interests: Phillies, Poker, Graphic Design, Asian Women, Cheesesteaks
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Prince Fielder: You really ARE black, I thought it was just the TV gettin' all crazy! Obama: Yes, yes I am :) Ryan Howard: Man, you crazy haha
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2010 on Ryan Howard to be on Letterman at Crossing Broad
Love all the feedback! Mission accomplished. Agreed. These shirts looks dumb, but to each their own. The demographic is there and as long as they exist it'll make money. Sadly, it is copyright infringement. Everything inch of the Phillies logo is owned by the team/MLB. A cease and desist can be issued to stop sales then they can go ahead and sell it themselves. They may have to pay fines, too. It's all in the hands of MLB and I wouldn't be surprised if their preparing to do such a thing.
Agreed on all counts.
Hey! hey! hey! I don't discriminate. No one is safe. Italian, Jewish, Irish, Arabic...the point is that her voice makes you want to stab yourself in the eye.
I'm pretty sure she's Jewish and has a giant "schnozzle"<--I'm pretty sure that's Jewish for nose. "It's a high-fly bawwwwll" Turrible, just turrible.
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Jul 2, 2010
First: I see what you're saying, but I'm certainly not racist, I hold no bars against anyone. I'm simply illustrating the difference of what could be racist and what clearly isn't. Second: Reading Phils GM said Ryan was cool with it. Ryan seems like a down to earth guy with a sense of humor who would go along with something like that. He's certainly not someone to get upset over anything racial. He's the epitome of why race shouldn't be an issue with anything anymore.
Here are my thoughts on it.. In the article laced with utter nonsense, she writes about how a ticket for a Phillies game is among the priciest in baseball (the inquirer must not pay very well) and how the Ryan Howard gnome looks too reminiscent of a lawn jockey. Really? A lawn jockey? You're gonna bring race into this? With Ryan Howard of all people? "But as time went on, lawn jockeys were often caricatured as a stooped-over black man with dark skin and painted-in white eyes and big red lips. They were usually displayed on lawns of homes in the South and served no real purpose other than to diminish African Americans." So she's saying a Ryan Howard gnome looks like a slave and the reading Phillies are out to promote racism? Ludicrous! Ryan Howard is the number one alumnus of the reading Phillies and they simply want to put a fun spin on him. Sure, it looks a little dopey, but that's kind of the point, isn't it? It's a fucking lawn gnome! It kills me to see someone take something that is meant to be fun and brings something serious like racism to the table. It's not like he has a sandwich in his hand and a speaker that says "I made you a sammich massa" when you press his nose. That MIGHT be a little racist In all seriousness -- It's 2010, we don't harbor slaves anymore, our president is black and Tyler Perry is allowed to make movies. What else could you possibly ask for? Clearly you've come a long way. And what about the Phillies ticket prices? They're some of the cheapest in baseball! Have you ever been to a Yankee game? I haven't ...because they're so god damn expensive. Just look and compare: In 2009, the Phillies had the second cheapest ticket prices of any other team in major league baseball. Not much has changed and that's been proven through 50+ consecutive sellouts. "Tickets for the major-league Phillies are among the priciest in baseball. Add food and parking, and a game at Citizens Bank Park can easily set a family of four back $500." $500?! Clearly the family's son is 300 pounds and drinks too much. Learn to budget your money. No one spends that much.
Make them play hockey.
The second I heard about this story I was reminded of my friends who used to throw video game controllers at the wall. They would complain to me over and over about not being able to play because Mario falling into a pit caused them to throw their controller at the wall. It's just as silly in that situation as it is in this one. Take out your anger on the chair with a bat or throw said chair at a locker instead. 8 weeks for a broken toe is just embarrassing. Madson is a good pitcher overall, but he's not the be-all end-all of the pitching staff. 8 weeks is rough, but Charlie will make it work. Charlie plays the hand he's dealt to the best of his ability. If that means having to work around the loss of Madson for 8 weeks then so be it. It sucks, but I believe the team can endure and the bullpen will improve with the experience of having to cover for him.
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Apr 29, 2010