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Sorry, I meant to link to Pat Buchanan attempts to use PISA to make a racial (and a racist) argument about our schools. The link in this post attempts to avoid the racial proxy (while not always succeeding) to figure out the relationship between first and second generation immigrants and PISA results.
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I know some attempt has been made to isolate the effects that first and second generation immigrants have on our educational system. See (making an attempt at this without having access to the underlying data). While both Prof. Becker and Judge Posner address PISA through the lens of standardized testing, does anyone know if anyone else who has access to the actual data has tried to make an apples to apples international comparison of schools with substantial first and second generation immigrant populations (and likewise, those without such populations). The initial attempts at this seem to say that the US is actually performing quite well, but I would love to read more rigorous analysis if anyone had done some.
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Jan 2, 2011